Former student sues Citipointe Christian College

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A bisexual former student of Citipointe Christian College is reportedly suing the Brisbane religious school for discrimination.

In late January, the Carindale school in Brisbane’s east caused outrage after demanding families sign a revised enrolment contract.

The document required families denounce homosexuality and bisexuality and students identify by their sex assigned at birth, or risk “exclusion” from the school.

In response, the bisexual teenager withdrew from the school. And her family have said they want Citipointe Christian College “held accountable”.

Speaking anonymously to 7NEWS, the parents of the former Citipointe student recalled her distress at the enrolment contract.

Her mother said, “I remember my daughter coming upstairs, and telling me to look in my email.

“She just looked scared.”

The student’s mother recalled her outrage at the document comparing her daughter’s sexual orientation to bestiality, incest and paedophilia.

“I couldn’t believe that they were referencing my daughter in the same category that they were referencing pedophiles,” she said.

Citipointe student seeking damages and an apology

Following intense public backlash, Citipointe Christian College later withdrew the contentious contract.

But the bisexual student’s parents told 7NEWS the “damage was done”. By then, the daughter had changed schools. Now the family has reportedly filed a complaint, seeking damages and an apology from the school.

“My daughter’s basic human rights have been breached,” the girl’s mother claimed.

“I don’t have any ill feeling towards [then-principal Brian Mulheran] or Citipointe. I just really want this to be a learning experience.”

Amid the initial backlash, then-principal Pastor Brian Mulheran took extended leave. Last week, he ultimately resigned from the school.

In their complaint, the family of the former student have alleged breaches of Queensland’s anti-discrimination laws.

The state laws prohibit discrimination against LGBTIQ+ staff and students in faith-based schools.

The girl’s father told 7NEWS, “The legislation’s there. Let’s make these organisations accountable.”

The parents allege Pastor Mulheran prayed for Australians to vote against same-sex marriage at a school assembly in 2017.

Their complaint also alleges the school encouraged students to “pray the gay away” at a chapel session last year.

Mulheran and Citipointe Christian College declined to comment on the matter to 7NEWS.

Last month, it was reported Citipointe also asked teachers to sign employment contracts warning them they’d face the sack for expressing homosexuality.

A Citipointe spokesperson said at the time the school had retracted the contract and they are under review.

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Jordan Hirst

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  1. Peter Turner
    9 April 2022

    There is only one way this, and other Religious schools, will listen and learn from this shameful episode and that is to hit them where they hurt the most ie. their bank balances!!!

  2. Jean
    9 April 2022


  3. Gordon Haynes
    12 April 2022

    It’s well past time that private schools were funded less by the government(s) and that money thus saved was put into state schools.

    It’s also past time that religious ‘education’ was prohibited in state schools. If parents want their kids brainwashed with such nonsense, they should arrange for that outside school hours.

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