Former LNP police minister comes out about gay relationship

former lnp police minister
Image: David Gibson Twitter

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, former LNP police minister David Gibson revealed his relationship with a trans man. A short-lived minister in the Newman government, the former devout Mormon said he still suffered mental health issues five years after leaving parliament.

Appointed police minister by Campbell Newman in 2012, Gibson lost the position within days. Revelations about unpaid speeding fines and driving unlicenced made his position untenable. He later suffered a nervous breakdown. It emerged that while serving in the army in 1999, a Canberra court found him guilty of theft. Gibson quit politics at the 2015 election. He previously served three terms as the member for Gympie.

The former minister told The Sunday Mail that people within the LNP plotted to force him out of politics. He said the pressure almost drove him to suicide.

“The mental issues that I faced were brought about by bullying and it pushed me to the point of suicidal ideations.

“That was a particularly difficult time for me.”

Gibson said he and his new partner wanted to celebrate their relationship. He also said he had discussed his background with new partner, Tarmon Smith.

“Mine’s very public, I don’t tend to hide much because it’s one Google search away.

“But he’s an amazing guy and for the record, he’s a trans guy.”

Former LNP police minister’s record on LGBTIQ rights

Although a member of a conservative political party, David Gibson defended LGBTIQ rights during his time in politics. In 2010, he advocated for an equal age of consent. The then member for Gympie stated in parliament, “There is no reason we should discriminate between male and female and between gay and straight.”

In 2012, the Newman government in which he served downgraded the Civil Partnerships Register introduced during the Bligh Labor Government. A fiery five-hour debate saw gay rights activists evicted from parliament. During the debate, David Gibson told the house, they had a responsibility to represent all Queenslanders. He said they must represent everyone regardless of their religious faith or sexual orientation.

Despite that, with Newman not offering a conscience vote on the issue, Gibson voted with his party to rescind civil partnerships. The Palaszczuk Labor government later reintroduced civil partnerships and the Marriage Equality vote in 2017 made the issue irrelevant.

Gibson later stated that his vocal support for LGBTIQ and other progressive social issues led to others in the LNP targetting him. He claimed under parliamentary privilege that a serving Queensland police officer delivered a death threat to him on behalf of the LNP.

However, in the interview with The Sunday Mail, he defended the party’s record on issues of sexuality.

“I don’t think any side of politics holds the high moral ground in this space at all.

“It’s not about sides of politics, let’s be clear. It’s about pathetic individuals and pathetic individuals sit on all sides of politics.”

Former LNP police minister bisexual since 15

The former LNP police minister described himself as identifying as bisexual from the age of 15. However, he said his mental health issues derived purely from work stress.


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