Former Labor Leader Mark Latham Joins Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party

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Former Labor leader Mark Latham has joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party as its New South Wales state leader and will seek to get elected to the state’s upper house in the upcoming state election.

Speaking to Sydney radio station 2GB Latham, alongsider party leader Pauline Hanson, Latham said he joined One Nation so he could fight for “civilisational values”.

“This is a fight for our civilisational values. For free speech, for merit selection, resilience, love of country – all of them under siege from the left,” he told radio host Alan Jones.

“A lot of it is happening in state politics as much as federal.

“I’m in a position and a stage in life where I just can’t stand on the sideline talking about it, I want to get stuck in and play a role as a legislator.”

Senator Hanson said she had invited Latham to lead the party in New South Wales and he would be at the top of the Legislative Council ticket at the March state election.

As well as local issues like infrastructure and electricity prices, Latham said he wanted to fight against “political correctness” and “identity politics”.

He said voters had previously dismissed political correctness as a “novelty” but “now they can see this is a real attempt to march through our institutions, to control our language, our feelings, our behaviour, to fundamentally change the nature of Australia.”

LGBTIQ ‘reign of terror’

Latham left the federal parliament in early 2005 after he failed to defeat the Howard government at the 2004 election.

In the years since, he’s become an outspoken conservative commentator, railing against LGBTIQ issues on a regular basis.

He’s argued for a ban on transgender people serving in the military, and said last year there was no need for marriage equality because the Census showed there were too few gay couples in Australia.

“Gay couples just 0.8% of families in Australia. So how do they dominate debate via SSM? Because they all work in the mainstream media!!” he tweeted in June last year.

In August he argued that a separate definition of same-sex marriage was needed because gender neutral legislation would allow intersex and transgender people to wed.

“Marriage between ‘two people’ clearly includes transgender marriage. I support gay marriage but not state-approved gender fluidity,” he tweeted.

“Turns out SSM is also INTERSEX marriage. Once in law, will be taught in schools and Neo-Marxist Safe Schools program unstoppable.”

In an opinion piece last September, Latham said marriage equality would unleash an LGBTIQ “reign of terror” and he feared people who did not “worship at the altar of homosexuality and gender fluidity” would be “run out of town”.

The comments got Latham a nomination for a GLORIA award, a light-hearted distinction bestowed on the most homophobic comments of the year.

Last year he was sacked as host of Sky News program Outsiders after he made insulting comments about another presenter and suggested a Sydney student who appeared in a video promoting feminism “looked gay”.

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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