Forget China – Drag Race Empire taking over world

drag race empire tuck & mime Empress rupaul charles

While world leaders are distracted by China’s Belt and Road Scam to gain world domination, the Drag Race Empire is quietly proceeding with Tuck and Mime Initiative. In addition to the existing nine national and the Down Under bi-national versions, another five franchises are scheduled for 2023.

Mama Ru, Empress RuPaul Charles, the first of her name (you’re welcome throners), is taking over the mother-tucking world.

Drag Race began in the US in 2009 as RuPaul’s Drag Race. Next, Drag Race Thailand introduced the world to the phenomenal talent of Pangina Heals. Then RuPaul’s Drag Race UK with Ru again hosting. A veritable torrent of new franchises followed: Canada, Holland, Down Under, Spain, Italy, France, and the Philippines.

(A Chilean iteration called The Switch also aired in 2015 and 2018.)

New Drag Race Empire franchises

Now, five more countries will join the Drag Race Empire. Belgium’s national broadcaster Tipik announced earlier this year that a Belgian Drag Race hosted by Canadian Drag Race winner Rita Baga would air from April next year.

Meanwhile, casting reportedly already began for the German and Brazilian editions. With Bolsonaro recently sashaying away, what better time to celebrate drag, camp and everything queer in the land of Pabllo Vittar. Also, earlier this year, it was announced Robert Fux will host Drag Race Sweden in 2023. Production for Drag Race Mexico has either begun or is about to.

Tuck & Mime Initiative raising visibility and promoting tolerance

It’s easy to bitch about Drag Race. Especially the sometimes corny challenges. And who hasn’t screamed in disbelief at certain judging decisions?

But beyond the show’s surface appeal, episode by episode, Drag Race raises visibility and shines a light on intolerance. Drag Race hooks an audience with glamour and campery. Then, once viewers engage with the contestants, the production exposes the unnecessary misery caused by bigotry and intolerance. That matters. It means more people questioning their own prejudice and less kids ostracised from their families. It means more people applying pressure on the authoritarian regimes that still persecute their queer citizens. To have that message spreading into more corners of the globe is a good thing.

But 15 franchises. When the f_ck will I sleep?

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