Folau’s Truth of Jesus Christ Church an ‘isolated hate group’

Truth of Jesus Christ Church israel folau

One of Australia’s most respected journalists, Kate McClymont, reports in the Sydney Morning Herald that a concerned parent who investigated the Truth of Jesus Christ Church called it an “isolated hate group.” Israel Folau sometimes preaches at the church founded by his father Eni in 2013.

Kate McClymont reports that the mother, concerned about her young rugby playing son attending the church, went to Bible studies there herself to check it out.

“I honestly do not want my son involved in what I have come to understand is false teachings and counterfeit Christianity.

“I’ve gone, I’ve checked it out and I would call them an isolated hate group.”

The Folau’s followers believe that only “born again believers” reborn through a baptism specific to their belief will avoid hell.

Israel Folau previously preached on baptism.

“If you’ve done it in a different way from this then you aren’t born again.”

Catholics joining homosexuals in hell

Josiah Folau, Israel’s cousin who also preaches at the Truth of Jesus Christ Church, wrote to the mother about Catholics.

“Any devout Catholic person IS NOT A SAVED CHRISTIAN WHATSOEVER.

“Look at Catholic doctrine, almost 100% of it is false and is filled with lies.

“The blasphemous Catholic mass is a paganistic ritual rooted in heresy, evil and devil worship.”

Protestants coming to hell also

Kate McClymont reports that the Folaus in fact believe any baptisms done ‘in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’ are false and consign the baptised to hell.

Not do other evangelicals escape perdition.

The Folau’s reportedly laughed at the idea of Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a Christian.

“He’s a Hillsong.

“Only we have the truth,” the Folaus told the mother.

Father’s power over Israel Folau

The article details Eni Folau’s control over his son.

As a director of Israel’s investment vehicles, he controls his son’s property empire.

When Israel debuted as a player for the Melbourne Storm at the age of 17, 10% of his earnings went to the Mormon Church.

The balance went to the father.

At that time the Folau’s were Mormons.

They later joined the Assemblies of God but left that to follow Brian Houston to Hillsong.

After falling out with Houston, Eni Folau founded his own church.

A tweet from Israel Folau demonstrates the profundity of the split with Houston.

“You can’t deny the word of God @BrianCHouston … stop teaching false doctrines and leading millions of people astray.”

So it would appear, according to the Folaus, only members of their congregation will get to enjoy eternal life in Heaven.

That won’t worry them.

Josiah Folau spoke to the concerned mother about the small number destined for Heaven.

“Look at what scripture says – doesn’t matter that there’s only a few of us actually believing in the truth …

“Only eight people were saved when the whole world was destroyed in Noah’s time.”

Lord knows they’ll need a bigger ark this time though, but not too big.

Despite Israel Folau’s outsize influence on the religious freedoms debate in Australia, there are only 30 congregants at the Truth of Jesus Christ Church.

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