Five queer TV shows we can’t wait to watch in 2022

Queer TV 2022 Chucky, Pose, Call Me Mother

Chucky, Call Me Mother, Queer as Folk, Tiger King and Loot are our queer TV picks for 2022.

With a diverse and evolving queer landscape on TV in recent years there is so much queer TV to choose from. 

But 2022 is fast approaching so we’ve selected five of our most interesting picks for next year.

Take a look at what to watch for 2022.

Five queer TV shows to watch in 2022

It’s fair to say there is a lot of TV out there for choose from.

Aside from the 4,000 iterations of Drag Race there’s a lot of Queer TV on the market.

Whether these be exclusively queer shows or programs with leading queer characters each of these should get your attention.

Queer as Folk: The Reboot

Earlier this year it was announced that the 90’s hit Queer As Folk would be getting a reboot.

Event better, Kim Cattrall has signed up for the project.

Originating in the UK in 1999 the program was picked up for a US version in 2000.

The original program followed the lives on young gay men and the ups and downs of their relationships and personal lives.

At the time it was part of very limited queer TV on screen and was ground breaking viewing.

The 2022 reboot is set to bring the program forward with a diverse cast and some familiar names.

Ryan O’Connell, star of the hit show Special on Netflix will be appearing.

He’ll play “a pop culture nerd with cerebral palsy who is more than ready for some independence.”

The program will include a host of non-binary actors and diverse cast of people of colour, a stark contrast to the programs very white predecessors.

Actors appearing include, Jesse James Keitel (Big Sky), Devin Way (Grey’s AnatomyStation 19), Johnny Sibilly (PoseHacks) and Armand Fields (Work in Progress) among many others.

Overall it’s exciting to see a fresh take on this program.

Diversity in queer representation is important and this reboot looks to be a recipe for great queer TV.

Take a look at the trailer for the original US version of Queer As Folk below.

Call Me Mother: Season 2

Call Me Mother was a runaway hit for OUTtv in 2021.

The program debuted a fresh new take on the art of drag and was a joy to watch.

Bringing together 10 contestants from all walks of life the show featured trans and non-binary contestants as well as drag queens and kings.

After the crowning of the winner, non-binary drag performer Toddy, the show was renewed for a second season in 2022. 

If the first season is anything to go by the second is going to be just as good if not better.

Judges Miss Peppermint, Crystal and Barbada bring love and life to the program and make it worth every minute to watch.

This is definitely on our 2022 list.

Watch our interview with house of Dulcet mother, Miss Peppermint from Call Me Mother below.

Chucky – The TV series, season two

Chucky is definitely one you wouldn’t expect to see on this list.

Although the original Chucky movies have always been a little camp, this is a little different.

Currently streaming on 9Now in Australia this is the TV series adaptation of the classic cult movies, Child’s Play.

It’s the usual story, creepy doll comes to life and starts murdering people, hero must save the day and survive.

But for this reboot they are changing up the horror genre.

Leading characters Jake and Devon are our 14 year old protagonists with a cute relationship that begins to blossom across the season.

In episode five they finally share their first kiss and it’s the cutest thing ever.

With the program being renewed for a season 2 we can’t wait to see these two grow closer.

Don Mancini is behind this reboot, he’s also the gay man who started the original Child’s Play franchise.

His decision to cast the leading character as gay was all about bringing queer representation to the horror genre.

Watch this cute fan compilation of Jake and Devon from Chucky below.


Earlier this year trans actress and star of hit shot Pose, MJ Rodriguez made history at the 2021 Emmy awards.

Rodriguez was nominated for her role as Blanca Evangelista in Pose at the 2021 awards.

The nomination made her the first trans performer to garner an Emmy nomination in a major lead acting category.

In 2022 her career is powering ahead.

Now known as Michaela Jaé the actress is set to star in new show Loot next year.

Made for Apple+ TV her new show is a comedy co-starring Maya Rudolph of SNL and Bridesmaids.

The show is centred around Rupolph’s husband leaving her and giving her $87 million.

Attempting to use the money for good she enlists Rodriguez to run a non-profit organisation for her.

In an interview with Refinery29 Rodriguez detailed that her character is “a boss with dry humour” citing that their gender identity is not part of the plot, nor is it mentioned.

The casting or Rodriguez is a sign of a more inclusive Hollywood with this dynamic pairing it’s sure to be a 2022 hit and some great queer TV.

Joe Exotic

It wouldn’t be great queer TV without the one and only Tiger King now would it?

Not content with delivering us several Netflix explorations of this crazy world, 2022 is ready to deliver more.

John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig and The Angry Inch is set to star in this limited series.

Shifting away from documentaries this is one of two scripted series in development about the infamous star of Tiger King.

The series will focus largely around the facts explored in the Tiger King documentary.

However as a scripted program will allow the writers and actors a little more creativity to embellish this already over the top world that is Joe Exotic.

Details are scarce on release date and where we can expect to see it.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching.

Check out the trailer for Tiger King 2, released recently on Netflix.

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