Five Husbands vodka for Utah Pride

five husbands vodka utah mormon

Utah-based Ogden’s Own Distillery in the Mormon heartland released the polygamy-themes  Five Husbands vodka to celebrate Pride month in June.

The limited edition bottle features five muscular men in denim cut-offs each holding onto a large rooster in front of their crotch.


The Utah Pride Festival announced Five Husbands Vodka as the official liquor of the 2019 festival.

Odgen’s Own Distillery previously caused a stir in 2012 with Five Wives vodka.

In fact, Five Husbands is simply a rebranding of that signature product. Five Wives won half a dozen taste awards in the years since.

Five Wives Vodka

The state of Idaho banned Five Wives Vodka because local Mormons found the name offensive.

Obviously, the name plays on the church’s history of polygamy.

The Five Wives Vodka label shows five women in their underwear, holding kittens to cover their undergarments.

The distillery may have won taste awards but it can’t expect any for subtlety. Pussies for the women, and cock for the men.

Steve Conlin, CEO of Ogden’s Own Distillery, attributed the success of Five Wives as his reason for launching the gay-themed limited edition.


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He also said he always wanted to sponsor the Pride Festival.

“There’s something really magical about seeing people being able to express themselves and be themselves.”

Utah Drink Laws


Anyone wishing to buy order a drink in a bar will need companions that prefer other drinks.

Utah laws do not allow bar patrons to order more than one of the same type of alcoholic beverage at a time.

Therefore, a patron ordering a Vodka and Redbull for themselves, could not shout a friend the same drink.

But then, as bars may only serve patrons 1 oz. of liquor at a time, perhaps it’s best to stick to wine.

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