Here’s How To Keep Your Fitness On Track This Festive Season

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I don’t mean to alarm you here. But according to Nutrition Australia, the average weight gain for Australians over the festive season is between 0.08kg and 1.5kg.

So before we start loosening that belt buckle for the looming Christmas and New Year celebrations, here’s a few tips to keep you in shape.


Feel less guilty about that extra celebratory champers or, dare I say it, fruit pudding!

1. Don’t overdo it. I know this goes without saying, but it’s effective and your favourite going out pants will thank you for it later. Lessen your portion sizes, people. Whilst Uncle Roger is in the corner in a food coma for the next two hours after eating three portions of turkey, you can take comfort that you’ve had enough for your one person belly and here’s the win… you’ll have enough for left overs the next day!

Limit your booze to a happy and social limit. Over-indulging will only leave you with a tanked regret and hangover, which will probably make you over-indulge again the next day. Let’s be honest – it’s like being trapped on a treadmill.

2. Keep moving. When we’re super busy entertaining and Instagramming our fabulous and parties, beach resorts and vacay’s over the festive season, there isn’t always time to work out. Don’t stress… This needn’t ruin all your previous hard work. Keep moving.

The more you can walk/run/cycle/dance, the more will burn active calories. Remember your metabolism burns through calories.

When you increase your effort, your body increases its demand for energy which increases your metabolism. So find time every day to fit some steps in! Even dancing in front of the mirror will yield results.

3. Drink lots of water. Water acts as a natural detox for the body which helps when you’re feeding it more booze and food than usual. A dehydrated body will slow metabolism and increase hunger. We don’t want that. So replen your liver, flush and detox the body and give it some h2o so it can be singing and dancing along with you!

4. Get your beauty sleep. Studies have proven that lack of sleep affects the metabolic rate. If you go to bed later, sleep in later. Simples. I suggest you aim for around 8 hours a night.

Easier said, right? Your body simply cannot burn calories without sleep. So try and resist the invitations for a school night pinot-palooza and leave it for the holidays and weekends guys!

5. Have your ‘back to training’ plan ready to go. Come the New Year, you will want to be ready to throw all your season gone by memories in the river and get your New Years resolutions straight on track. Have a plan.

What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to get stronger? Fitter? Leaner? What ever it is, make it big, have achievable goals and go get ‘em.

If you need extra motivation, get yourself a trainer, get your friends together and know exactly what you need to do to get you to your results. Have fun with it, make it something that works for you and get tongues wagging next year?


Come and see me at the club at Goodlife Fortitude Valley throughout December and receive your two week complimentary pass and let’s talk! Let’s get your training on track and make the most of your goals. Contact me on or call 04 11 376 639.

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