First TV channel for queer women launches with COVID dating comedy

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Photos: Revry/OML

Queer TV and streaming network Revry has launched the first 24/7 channel for queer women, OML, this week.

OML on Revry is billed as the first TV channel ever “to cater to queer womxn including those who identify as lesbian, bi, trans female, gender non-binary and queer.”


Formerly known as “One More Lesbian”, OML began in 2009 and is now an online hub for queer media serving over a half million YouTube subscribers.

Now, OML has teamed up with online TV network Revry to stream 24/7.

Revry is available for free in 130 countries, including Australia, through the Revry website and on mobile apps.

OML founder Shirin Etessam said the new channel is “a win-win-win for all of us: Revry, OML, and our community.”

“What started as a portal to curate and share quality lesbian video content has become a powerful platform to launch, stream, distribute and promote some of the very best LBTQ+ content online,” she said.

“Our partnership with Revry [will] allow us to reach a greater audience and to make Femxle-driven LBTQ+ content accessible to an even broader audience.”

Revry offers a wealth of queer-focused content created by and for LGBTIQ audiences.

And as well as free live streaming, viewers can also binge on-demand by upgrading to Revry Premium.

Revry co-founder LaShawn McGhee said the OML channel is “a free, living and breathing space for queer female stories to be seen across the world.”

OML launches queer comedy on pandemic dating

OML is also launching new original “socially distant” comedy series, Dating ‘In’ Place, on November 1.

The series puts “a femxle-focused comedic spin” on dating in the “new normal” of COVID-19 and social shutdown.

The show follows Jo, a hopeful romantic who finds the woman of her dreams. However she discovers her crush lives halfway across the world.


Jo connects with her online, making plans to meet in Hawaii for their official first date… but then 2020 hits.

The comedy series is told entirely through the screens and mobile devices of four young women. The entire production of Dating ‘In’ Place occurred in COVID-19 lockdown.

Australian talent Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera (pictured above, right) wrote the series and also stars as Jo’s crush, Debika.

Director Marina Rice Bader said she has “always been both challenged and fascinated by the idea of ‘true love’.”

“I wanted to explore what it means to be on the brink of that magical experience only to have circumstances out of your control crash in and threaten to steal it away from you,” she said.

“Finding real love is tough enough, you know, without a global pandemic working against you.”

Visit the Revry website to start watching OML or start a 7-day free trial of Revry Premium. Dating ‘In’ Place will premiere on Revry soon. 

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