Firefighter supermums deliver own baby in McDonalds carpark

Hunter Valley firefighter lesbian couple deliver baby in McDonalds carpark
Images: Fire & Rescue NSW

A NSW firefighting couple say they went into “work mode” when they had to deliver their own baby in a McDonald’s carpark after their daughter arrived before her two mums made it to hospital.

The married mums, Sam and Liz Paul (above), both work for Fire and Rescue NSW and are trained to be prepared for anything on the job. But the lesbian couple didn’t expect to be delivering their own baby Andy in their van.

Sam was four days overdue when she went into labor at home last month. The couple live an hour away from their hospital.

But Sam’s water broke en route and within 10 minutes her contractions started to increase.

“Everything happened at a pretty rapid pace,” Liz recalled.

”She said she felt like she had to push, so we called the midwife. The midwife knew from the sounds of things that it was about to happen so she told us to pull over.”

The couple pulled over at the McDonald’s in Newcastle and got ready to deliver their daughter in the carpark.

‘Get ready to catch her, because she’s coming’

Sam, who works in Fire and Rescue NSW’s communications centre, said they sought out “somewhere central, that’s got good visibility and a bit of space.”

“That’s why we went to McDonald’s. We knew that there were options for the ambulance to come from a few different directions,” she said.

“A landmark is much better for the ambulance to find. I just can’t believe in that moment it was [Liz’s] natural reaction to think of that.”

Paramedics wouldn’t arrive in time for Andy’s birth. The couple’s midwife talked the women through the birth over the phone.

“I just had a contraction and Andy’s head was out and then [midwife] Jane said, ‘Get ready to catch her, because she’s coming’,” Sam recalled.

Andy was born healthy, pink and crying, and weighing 3.8 kilograms.

“There was a lady [in the carpark] who was very concerned about what was happening in the back of the van,” Liz recalled.

“I said, ‘We just had a baby’. I don’t think she believed me, to be honest. People started piling around.”

Paramedics arrived 10 minutes later and took the family to hospital.

There, the newborn received a clean bill of health. Andy later went home to meet her two-year-old brother Luka.

‘She is like a one in a million kind of person’

Sam has worked for Fire and Rescue NSW since 2011, where she met wife Liz, who is a senior firefighter.

Sam and Liz said they both went into “work mode” with their first responder training helping them out in the unexpected emergency.

“We turn up to quite stressful situations regularly where you need to remain calm and deliver a positive outcome,” Liz said.

“In many ways, it was similar to turning up to a house fire. You just deal with what’s in front of you and do the best you can.

“Sam is like a one in a million kind of person. She didn’t even really stress out. She was so strong.”

Sam said of her wife, “Words can’t describe the love.”

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