Finnish PM defying homophobic Putin has two mums

sanna Marin two mums finnish pm
Image: Sanna Marin Instagram

Dying or not, poor little rich man Vladimir Putin can’t take a trick. His invasion of Ukraine turned out not the stroll in the park he apparently anticipated. And his aggressive warmongering united much of the world against him. Now traditionally neutral Sweden and Finland are set to join NATO. Even worse for the bigoted homophobe, the Finnish PM defying him, Sanna Marin, is the proud daughter of two mums.

Because of their proximity to Russia, Finland and Sweden long walked a delicate line. While philosophically closer to Europe, the two countries maintained friendly relations with Russia to avoid provoking their bearish neighbour. Part of the Russian Empire for over a century, Finland fought off both the Soviets and the Nazis during World War II.

With a population of just 5.5 million people, Finland shares a 1,340-kilometre border with Russia.

Despite its past neutrality, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine prompted Finland, along with Sweden, to seek the protection of the NATO alliance. NATO countries guarantee to come to each other’s aid in the case of a direct attack.

Two mums

It no doubt galls Putin that the Finnish PM is both an environmentalist and feminist. He’s never demonstrated any interest in either cause. In fact, he rarely shows curiosity about anything bar his own self-interest. But in a slap in the face for the czar-in-waiting, Finnish PM Sanna Marin is also the proud daughter of two mums.

When Sanna Marin became Finnish PM in 2019, she told her local paper that having two mums mattered.

“I come from a rainbow family, and this, of course, means that gender equality, equality, and human rights are important to me.”

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  1. TCW
    5 July 2022

    Post a photo from this year’s Pride march in Helsinki just two days ago. She stood out among the 70,000+ who attended in the sunshine, radiant and stylish as always.

    She also announced the updated law on transgender rights coming to parliament this fall. While earlier last week she announced extra military aid to Ukraine. She’s completely fearless. (But very thoughtful and careful, I should add. Done a top quality job so far.)

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