Finland’s rainbow child PM in trouble for dancing

Sanna Marin rainbow child finland

Scandal has erupted over a video of Finland’s rainbow child PM Sanna Marin dancing at a private party.

The leaked video shows the 36-year-old dancing and partying with various Finnish celebrities. Far-right and anti-government social media accounts also claim someone on the video shouts ‘the flour gang’, a local reference to drugs. However, no one else seems able to hear the words.

Sanna Marin nevertheless underwent a drug test on Friday “for my own legal protection and to clear up any doubts.”

The Finish PM, elected in 2019, recently incurred the wrath of Russia’s Vladimir Putin when she applied for her historically neutral nation to join NATO. She made the move in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Finland shares a 1,340-kilometre border with Russia.

Finland’s rainbow child PM has two mums

A staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ communities, Sanna Marin, is a rainbow child. She grew up with two mums.

“I come from a rainbow family, and this, of course, means that gender equality, equality, and human rights are important to me.”

And the Finnish PM has many allies herself. German newspaper Bild this week described her as the world’s ‘coolest politician’.  (Scott Morrison and Donald Trump are rumoured to have lodged protests and demanded recounts.)

“She is the most important politician in her country, has to lead it through one of the most dangerous crises of her time because of the warlike activity of her neighbour Russia – and still finds time to celebrate.

“Casual, modern and self-confident – that’s how politics can work. Marin stands for the ‘cool generation’, which Putin definitely doesn’t like.”

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  1. Paul
    21 August 2022

    But it was perfectly fine with Kevin Rudd 07 who went to a strip club within NYC. In 2022, it still actually surprises me the clear double standards! God help us all if she has an abortion within America in a post-Roe surpreme court world, the crazy happy clappers would be deeply outraged – oh the horror.

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