Farmer Sheds Tears On Hearing Marriage Equality News While Milking Cows

There’s no point crying over spilt milk.

But that’s not the reason why dairy farmer Jason Smith was shedding some tears while milking the cows last week.

He was overcome with emotion as he listened live to the marriage equality bill passing in Parliament on his headphones.

“I just got this feeling of being equal and being okay and having the rest of the country accept me,” he told the Warrnambool Standard.

“It’s just going to make life so much easier for rural LGBTI people to come out and be more accepted.”

The fifth-generation dairy farmer went viral earlier this year after he spoke to the Standard about advocating for same-sex marriage.

“When I first got a partner – we were together for eight years – when he first came to town there were people who wouldn’t shake his hand and stuff like that,” Smith said.

“It was just a matter of proving that there’s no difference and we were just farmers like everyone else.”

Smith said that knowing he could get married was “brilliant” and he was so overjoyed he thought he had dreamt the whole thing when he woke up the following morning.

“There’s still a lot of hate around, there’s still a lot of negativity, but this will go a long way to turning things around and just normalising things,” he said.

Smith urged “the loved ones of LGBTI people” to help their relatives, calling on these family members to “check in on their mental health and how they’re ticking along in the coming weeks and months”.

“One day soon everyone will be comfortable in being themselves, and that’s what I want,” he said.

“The sooner you can realise who you are and just be yourself, the better.”

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