Far-right to jail librarians who give queer books to children

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 An Alabama ‘anti-porn’ group wants to lock up librarians!  CleanUp Alabama aims to gain control of the state’s libraries and legislate to jail librarians who ‘promote’ queer books to children. 

The conservative group advocates for Alabama to cut ties with the American Library Association (ALLA). It labels the association a ‘far-left Marxist organisation’.

The right-wingers called for “the removal of pornographic, obscene and indecent books from sections of the libraries that are designated for minors.” 

CleanUp Alabama defines material harmful to minors as anything LGBTQIA+ related. They claim Alabama libraries currently stock books that “confuse the children of our communities about sexuality and expose them to material that is inappropriate for them.”

12 months in jail for queer books

The local Alabama Political Reporter published an email from CleanUp Alabama to supporters.

The email detailed the intention to jail librarians over queer books.

“Amend the Anti-Obscenity Law that exempts public libraries from criminal punishment when it comes to the distribution of material harmful to minors.”

The group suggested jail sentences of up to twelve months as well as a fine of up to $10,000. 

The organisation proposed the laws at a recent city council meeting in Prattville, Alabama. CleanUp Alabama also advocated for adding libraries to a current law about ‘woke ideologies’ in schools. (referring to Alabama’s version of the Florida Don’t Say Gay Law.) 

It is alleged at least four Alabama state legislators support the proposed laws. In a letter to the Alabama Public Library Service, Additionally, Governor Kay Ivey recently expressed similar concerns to CleanUp Alabama. 

“The heart of the issue seems to be the exposure of children and youth to inappropriate, sexually suggestive materials without adequate means of parental supervision.”

However, ALLA denounced “all efforts to censor or restrict access to materials” based on LGBTQ+ and other content.

They say, “[ALLA] has watched with concern the growing number of organised attempts at censorship and suppression in schools and libraries in the state of Alabama and across the country.”

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  1. Steven
    13 September 2023

    The world once knew another Nasty person that liked banning & burning books‼️ WE should be jailing anyone (2x penalty for Police, Judges, PublicServants, Politicians & their associates) and Who hindering freeSpeech, practice banning, censoring or burning any book, tvshow or movie‼️ Say no to communist/s‼️

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