Far Right Activist Lauren Southern Protested In Brisbane

Lauren southern

Protesters gathered outside the Brisbane Convention Centre on Sunday night to rally against far right YouTube personality Lauren Southern.

The Canadian 23-year-old and colleague, far-right commentator Stefan Molyneux, are currently on a “speaking tour” of Australian capital cities, during which they’ve expressed extreme views opposing immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, transgender people and Islam.

Southern has said this month that transgender people are mentally ill, and women are not “psychologically developed to hold leadership positions and would be happier staying at home to care for their families.”

A Sydney writer who live-tweeted Southern and Molyneux’s Sydney event claimed Molyneux made vile and dehumanising remarks about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In Brisbane, around 60 protesters chanted “racist fascists are not welcome here” at the Brisbane protest that attracted a strong police presence on Sunday night, The Courier-Mail reported.

Brisbane man Gerald Keaney told the publication he was protesting to prevent a race riot.

“The long term goal is to actually oppose bigotry itself because… what bigotry does is it divides and conquers, so the way to solve the problems is for people to get together,” he said.

In a video posted to YouTube promoting her visit, Southern said Australians were “at a crossroads”.

“Do you want to retain your culture, do you want to retain your borders, family, identity?” she said.

“Or will the boats keep coming, will the no-go zones keep growing and will you become another victim of multiculturalism?”

Protest group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism said Southern is “a notorious racist and Islamophobe.”

The pair’s Melbourne event sparked a 200 strong protest that saw protesters clash with riot and mounted police outside the venue hosting Southern.

Victoria Police reportedly charged Southern’s tour organisers more than $67,000 to pay for the police presence at the Melbourne event.

In March this year, Southern was reportedly banned from entering the UK after distributing flyers claiming that “Allah is a gay god” and “Allah is trans” before claiming the stunt was part of a social experiment to prove Islam is a homophobic religion by provoking British Muslims.

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