Fan’s huge ‘WoSo Chart’ maps pro soccer’s lesbian couples

Sam Kerr Kristie Mewis against the WoSo Chart mapping lesbian couples in soccer
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A 20-year-old lesbian soccer fan has defended the creation of the viral “WoSo Chart” of queer relationships in women’s soccer that’s bounced around queer group chats throughout the Women’s World Cup.

The massive interactive chart (screenshot above) was started over a year ago. Now, it lists around 600 current and former players with regular updates.

The project was inspired by the chart from The L Word, which tracked the relationships between the show’s characters.

The WoSo Chart was created by a women’s football fan from Greece, Helen, who told the ABC it started after discussions she had with friends after a match.

“We were trying to see how many couples were on the field,” Helen said.

“But we thought, ‘You know, it would be much easier if you had the chart for it.’

“I was like, I have a ton of free time this summer, so why not?

“It took me like one-and-a-half weeks to collect all the information and [a friend] made it.

Helen said she first shared the chart on social platform Tumblr, and followers then helped her update it.

“The World Cup has really helped, and it’s been like every day,” she said.

WoSo Chart criticised for invading players’ privacy

But the data project has been criticised for invading the privacy of players and publishing unconfirmed “rumours” about players.

“I know some people [say] I invade the personal lives of the players, but I only take information from open Instagram accounts and tips I get,” she told the ABC.

Helen said she tries to verify the information she receives as best she can.

“I check the Instagram accounts and sometimes the Twitter accounts if I don’t find anything on Instagram, and then I try Google,” she said.

“I try to verify [relationships] as best as I can. And if I can’t, I just put them as ‘rumoured’.

“I don’t take photographs from private Instagram accounts, only public ones and information on Google.”

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Helen said the WoSo Chart gives queer football fans a new dimension of enjoyment to the game.

“It’s not just football,” she said.

“It’s more fun if you know, like, oh, [this couple is] competing against each other or their ex is playing while their girlfriend is also playing.

“You always try to find yourself in everything you see and when it’s on that big stage, it’s even better.

“The excitement is just so much higher — everything is just better.

“It wouldn’t be the same without the gay players [and], like, Australia is the gayest team out there.”

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