Fans discover Snatch Game jokes cut out of Drag Race Down Under

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under fans around the world have compared notes and discovered editing of some jokes during the Snatch Game.

The show’s second episode screened on Saturday afternoon Australian time, and is also streaming around the world.

New Zealand queen Anita Wigl’it played Queen Elizabeth II in the Snatch Game main challenge and turned in a winning performance.

In the werkroom, Anita tells RuPaul while in character, “When somebody turns 100, I write them a letter, and when somebody turns 16, Prince Andrew sends them a text.”

“Too far?” Anita asks Ru after the joke.

A laughing RuPaul tells her, “You can’t go too far here! Very funny.”

Everyone saw that joke. However one UK viewer took to Reddit to reveal the BBC had “completely cut” a separate Prince Andrew joke from its iPlayer version.

“I’m in the UK and happened to see the episode elsewhere before watching the iPlayer version,” Redditor @lazydan wrote.

“A few of Anita Wigl’it’s Queen jokes have been completely cut from the BBC iPlayer version.

“After Lindy’s dingo attack the cut-in where she says, ‘I wish a dingo had taken my baby, then I wouldn’t have to have dealt with Prince Andrew!’ is completely cut.

“Then Anita’s entire response to the ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Blank’ question is cut too. It just goes straight from Lizzo to Dr Seuss.”

More on that in a moment. confirmed both those jokes are snipped from the BBC’s iPlayer version. They do appear in a version understood to have streamed in the US and other countries on WOW Presents Plus.

In Australia, while we heard both Prince Andrew jokes, we also missed out on a separate answer from Queen Liz.

After Lizzo’s “DNA” answer, RuPaul throws to the Queen with the same “Can’t Get You Out Of My…” question, originally delivered by Kylie Minogue.

“Well, I was wondering if Kylie has the same problem I have with Prince Philip,” Anita asks as the Queen.

“Because when you get older, things start to get a bit tighter in your D-A-P, dry-ass pussy.”

On April 9, Buckingham Palace confirmed Prince Philip had died, aged 99. Drag Race Down Under filmed earlier in the year.

Sydney queen Etcetera Etcetera, who played Lindy Chamberlain, then comments on Anita’s performance in a deleted confessional.

“Anita is hilarious. I never thought I’d be laughing at the Queen so much,” they say.

“It’s, like, taking all of my power not to start laughing with her behind me, talking about her dry-ass pussy.”

After the show, Anita mentioned “DAP” in an Instagram post, writing, “Well there goes my chance of a knighthood!!” However many viewers hadn’t seen that particular joke.

Anita ended up winning the Snatch Game challenge.

Art Simone, who played Bindi Irwin, then went home in an emotional elimination.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is screening each week in Australia on Stan.

Drag Race Down Under viewers split on ‘uncomfortable’ character

Meanwhile, Etcetera Etcetera’s own portrayal of Lindy Chamberlain also divided opinion among fellow queens and viewers.

“How old were you when you became aware of Lindy Chamberlain?” RuPaul asked Etcetera Etcetera.

“My mum used to always say, she used to tuck me into bed and say hope the dingos don’t get you tonight,” she joked.

However Art Simone commented, “I don’t know where the humour is in that.”

Karen From Finance also added, “I think Etcetera Etcetera is taking a bit of a risk.

“Lindy Chamberlain is quite difficult to make funny.”

Some viewers took to Twitter to slam the performance as “rude and distasteful” and “in poor taste”.

“There is no humour to be mined from that tragedy,” one wrote.

“I take a lot to offend and appreciate black comedy but Lindy Chamberlain was a really poor choice. It actually made me really uncomfortable,” another tweeted.

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