Fans are sharing wild theories after The White Lotus cliffhanger

Quentin kisses Tanya in The White Lotus
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Fans’ theories about HBO’s The White Lotus are flying after a shocking fifth episode cliffhanger, and many think Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya could be in danger.

During the fifth episode of the second season, after her husband Greg abandoned their holiday, Tanya and her assistant Portia are taken in British aristocrat and “high-end gay” Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his friends, as well as Quentin’s hunky nephew Jack (Leo Woodall).

Both are holidaying in Sicily, and whisk the two women on a day trip, later spending the night at Quentin’s luxury Pallermo villa.

Warning: spoilers for The White Lotus season 2

Jack entered the brilliant HBO drama mid-season, and had struck up a holiday fling with Portia (played by Haley Lu Richardson).

But later that night, Tanya follows some noises in the villa and walks in on Quentin and Jack having sex.

After the shocking scene, many fans are certain the uncle and nephew aren’t actually related.

‘A long game scam in the works since season one’

One popular theory is that Jack is a sex worker hired by Quentin for the Sicily trip. Many people have pointed out the two men’s accents don’t match.

And Jack is shown seemingly unable to pay when he and Portia go out for dinner, despite his family’s apparent wealth.

Another shock theory blowing up Twitter and Reddit is that the straight American cowboy who Quentin tells Tanya he once loved is actually Tanya’s husband Greg (Jon Gries), who left her alone in Sicily.

People think Quentin has befriended Tanya so that he and Greg can run off with her money.

Tanya earlier said she’s comfortable around Quentin and his friends because their own wealth means they won’t be after hers.

Some think Quentin will try to murder Tanya and frame it as a suicide. The pair went to the theatre to see Madame Butterfly, the legendary opera which sees the tragic protagonist dying by suicide.

Could Jack be in on this plan? Is he out to try and distract Portia while Quentin manipulates her boss?

“Tanya’s getting scammed,” one viewer declared.

“I’ve had time to process The White Lotus and my official theory is that Greg is Quentin’s aforementioned American lover and they are orchestrating a long-game scam that has been in the works since season one,” another fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “Kinda crazy White Lotus theory that I don’t really think will be true but I wanna put it out there just in case: Jennifer Coolidge’s husband is actually the ‘American cowboy’ from Tom Hollander’s story and they’ve actually orchestrated this whole situation.”

The White Lotus is returning for season three

A few weeks ago, HBO renewed The White Lotus for a third season, so will Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya survive to once again return?

Are these theories all too obvious?

Two episodes to go.

The White Lotus is streaming in Australia on Binge.

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