Fan Fav Farmer Dave booted from Big Brother

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It was an emotional night in the Big Brother house last night as one of Australias most loved housemates, “Farmer Dave” was sent packing. 

The emotional farewell saw the loveable Farmer up against other original housemates Reggie and Estelle.

But it was Dave’s emotional response in the diary room that had people shocked.

Big Brother: “I cannot accept this vote”

Ever since he first appeared on Big Brother in 2006 Australia fell in love with David Graham, the man they would eventually come to love and know as “Farmer Dave.”

In 2022 he returned to play the game again alongside some of the shows most legendary contenders.

From his first night in the house he struck up a friendship with the “OG” housemates, namely Tim Dormer & Reggie Bird.

During his time returning to Big Brother David was loved by his fellow housemates again, however this time struggled with the new game play format.

He consistently voted against alliances and made choices based on honour and loyalty that made playing the game difficult for him.

On Monday night it all came to head as he was faced to make an impossible choice between some of his closest friends.

“I really felt like I was the only person in that lineup that needed to go”

With Monday nights nominations in place David Graham found himself literally in the middle of his biggest problem in the game.

Facing nomination alongside him were Big Brother season three winner Reggie and 2012 contestant Estelle.

Dave was left with a choice he couldn’t fathom, instead he threw Big Brother a curve ball.

When called to the diary room he  revealed his vote.

“I’m voting for someone who is getting really tired and I don’t think is able to play the game the way it needs to be played.”

“I think when I see the three people at the finish this person’s definitely not going to be one of them.”

“So I think it’s best to get this person evicted now rather than later, and for that reason, I nominate Dave … myself.”

It was yet another surprising move for Farmer Dave, but one that wasn’t going over as well as he thought.

“Dave, I cannot accept this vote, you cannot vote for yourself.”

Ultimately he was forced to choose Estelle, whilst Reggie was saved, Dave and Estelle were left to face off.

Receiving the majority of votes from his housemates, Dave was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother runs the show.”

Reflecting afterwards in an interview with 7Entertainment the sting of the experience was still there.

“Gosh, that gutted me because I really felt like I was the only person in that lineup that needed to go,” he said.

“I was the only person that I could vote for, I couldn’t vote for Estelle, I certainly couldn’t contemplate ever voting for Reggie,”

“So it was only me that I could vote for and I thought I’d read the rules pretty good – but apparently not.”

Big Brother runs the show.”

Ultimately the struggle to play the game was too much he revealed, as the voting structure worked against his beliefs.

“I tried to get in there and play the game, but it’s just not me – it’s not who I am.

“It’s not who I am, so I couldn’t have gone another day,”

Outside of the game David Graham continues to work with RuffTRACK an organisation that helps troubled youth.

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