Failed pollie searches King George Square for outrage

katherine deves terf king george square failed pollie
Image: Katherine Deves Twitter

Failed pollie Marjorie Taylor Greene Lauren Boebert Anthony Santos Katherine Deves took advantage of a visit to Brisbane for a TERF get-together yesterday to search for outrage in King George Square.

In town to address a TERF rally ‘expected to draw at least 40 guests’, Deves confronted a group of counter-protesters in King George Square. She then, of course, posted the confrontation to Twitter.

Really no point otherwise.


It’s a strange and unfathomable mystery, the TERF phenomenon.

So many ills bedevil the human race. Despite all our resources, we still allow fellow humans around the world to starve to death. War remains a constant. And we ourselves add to naturally occurring disasters with human-induced climate change and the threat of nuclear holocaust. We recently endured a devastating global pandemic.

But TERFS worry about something else.

Someone, somewhere, might be identifying in a non-TERF-approved manner. Because, according to TERFS, it’s up to them to decide other people’s identities.

I don’t get it. What causes them to focus on such a small and marginalised segment of the community despite all the real problems in the world?

Katherine Deves

Deves came to public attention as Scott Morrison’s ‘captain’s pick’ for the seat of Warringah in the 2022 federal election. She lost the seat with a 6.6% swing against the Liberals. Even worse for the party, her candidacy had what Liberal Senate Leader Simon Birmingham described as a ‘contagion effect’ on neighbouring seats.

“I think it sends a message about what Australians believe when it comes to issues of respect, of inclusion, of diversity, and the message is, Australians want people to respect their lives but they also want to have a strong and profound respect for the lives of others.

“We are seeing a strong message, and I fear that the impact in Warringah may have had something of a contagion effect on adjacent seats.”

But reading the room has never been a strength of the far-right. Deves has since doubled down on her anti-trans oratory.


Yesterday, following the rally and counterprotest in King George Square, she posted a stealth selfie on Twitter with some of the counterprotesters unknowingly in the background and an offensive hashtag.

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