Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: The true story of a teenage drag queen

Everybody's Talking About Jamie Drag Queen Max Harwood

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is the latest queer film that will melt your heart.

Based on a true story Everybody’s Talking About Jamie tells of an aspiring 16-year-old drag queen, Jamie New.

Originally told in a documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, the story was later adapted for the stage.

After travelling the world on stage, the musical film adaptation of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie has been released internationally.

Jamie’s heartwarming true story

Based on the lives of Jamie and Margaret Campbell the film adaptation tells this beautiful original story.

Jamie New, played by Max Harwood is a 16-year-old gay teenager living in Sheffield in the UK.

Openly gay Jamie dreams of one thing for his future career, to be a drag queen.

Supported by his mother Margaret (Sarah Lancashire) and best friend Pritti (Lauren Patel) he sets about making his dream a reality.

Jamie is out and proud at school but still faces prejudice from both his peers and teachers.

School bully Dean Paxton is constantly on his case, while his hostile teacher Miss Hedge only serves to make life harder for Jamie.

Dean and his teacher ensure Jamie is banned from attending his school prom in drag.

What follows is a beautiful and often harrowing story that is sure to melt your heart.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie serves characters full of love and life.

Created as an on-screen musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is bursting with love and life.

Musical numbers alternate from uplifting and joyous to melancholy and beautiful.

This exceptional cast ties this film together, including a cameo from Drag Race star Bianco Del Rio.

Whilst Jamie’s mother Margaret is everything he could need in a supportive parent, his father is everything but.

Margaret’s desperate attempts to hide his father’s deliberate absence highlights the lengths she will go to to protect her son.

Contrasted against Jamie’s naive hope that he can one day impress his dad set the stage for some of the films more grim moments.

However, the film is filled with so much joy despite these emotional setbacks.

But best friend Pritti also faces her own challenges as a young Muslim woman.

Together they find their joy as they work through the challenges of standing out from the crowd.

But Jamie’s discovery of a drag mentor in Loco Chanel at the local dress shop truly sets the stage for his awakening.

Chanel organises Jamie’s first appearance at a local club and sets about educating and preparing him for his future career.

The beautiful musical number featuring Loco Chanel offers a powerful moment in reflection as she pays homage to the Aids crisis.

In turn, painting a wonderful picture of the past and present generations coming together.

Jamie’s story is about a journey of finding yourself and following your passion

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie has all the hallmarks of a great queer film, with a fresh perspective.

Jamie’s story reflects a new world and a new idea of how young queer people are finding their place in the world today.

This unique story breaks free from the tropes of coming to terms with sexuality or finding love.

Instead, Jamie’s story focuses on finding yourself and following your passion, whatever that may be.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Australia.

Watch the trailer below.

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