Every song on Kylie Minogue’s new album Tension ranked

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Three queer music experts have ranked every track on Kylie Minogue’s album Tension for QNews.

Australia’s pop-princess Kylie Minogue released her long-awaited 16th studio album Tension.

The album follows the comeback smash single Padam Padam – her first UK top 10 hit in 13 years.

Her devoted followers swarmed to streaming services for the launch and have been voicing their strong opinions ever since.

We have assembled an expert jury of three queer music experts to throw their hat into the ring of hot takes.

They are:

  • Owen Lambourn, Co-Host of Kylie: Behind The Seams podcast
  • Ed Pitts, Co-Host of the Pivotal POP! podcast
  • Kyriakos Tsinivits, Editor of music site Aussievision

Each music expert ranked every song from 1st to 14th. We, the QNews adjudicators, have averaged the results for the full ranking in reverse order.

Let the chaos ensue!

The ranking of each Tension track

14. Love Train

“It’s a nice nod to Kylie’s Fever era and is the Kylie we all know and love” (Kyriakos)

13. One More Time

“Her Golden vocal styling embodying that classic Kylie musicality. So fun!” (Owen)

12. Just Imagine

“Mid-tempo pop ballad. This era’s Lost Without You. I think this would sound even better live.” (Owen)

11. 10 Out Of 10

“While underwhelming when it dropped, it works SO much better in the context of the album. It’s not 10 out of 10, but it’s certainly not a skip.” (Ed) 

10. Story

Talk about finishing on a high. Super camp, super catchy, the sort of song that only Kylie could truly get away with and make her own. Another huge earworm.” (Ed)

9. Somebody to Love

“I am glad this was left on the album even if it’s just an added delux extra. The song is ultimately Kylie with her signature smooth vocals.” (Kyriakos)

8. Green Light

“Real Groove vibes with a sexy epic sax solo.” (Owen)

7. You Still Get Me High

“Starts like an 80s prom slow dance… then that beat drops!” (Owen)

6. Things We Do For Love

“Love the 80s vibe this song gives. A song to play on full volume while driving into the sunset with the windows down. This euphoric beauty needs to be released as the next single please!” (Kyriakos)

5. Tension

“Tension is absolute pop perfection. One of my favourite Kylie releases ever. It is filled with so many hooks and a super catch chorus that touches in all the right places. No one can imitate this pop princess as there is only one Kylie!” (Kyriakos)

4. Hold On To Now

“A new Kylie classic. Would’ve made a perfect second single – it’s quintessentially Kylie but has a bit of gritty Robyn production. Euphoric bliss. Gay rights: the musical. Lives will be changed.” (Ed)

3. Hands

It’s her Doja Cat Say So moment. A sleek disco radio staple in waiting. I already know the chori and the video isn’t even out. And is Kylie rapping? 10/10 no notes.” (Ed)

2. Vegas High

“Pure Kylie Minogue Dance DNA!! ‘We’ll be losing track of time” dancing our asses off this in the clubs!” (Owen)

1. Padam Padam

“Song of the year! What else can one say? Padam?” (Owen)

“The smash hit that introduced her to a generation of TikTokkers and gave her a month in the UK top 10 in her mid-50s? You better believe it’s in my top 3.” (Ed)

“This song is so infectious and makes you want to move. It is no surprise it was the song of the summer around the world.” (Kyriakos)

Those are the jury of three’s rankings. Turning the attention to the album overall, Ed Pitts believes Tension is a Kylie classic.

“This is her best album since at least Aphrodite, but I’ll go one further and say her Light Years / Fever era. I was humming whole songs after one listen – and after 35 years, she still knows how to do Kylie in a way no one else could even attempt,” he gushed.

Kylie to take Tension on tour

Padam Padam may have taken first place in these rankings, but ultimately Kylie is the true winner.

Following the album’s launch, Kylie will begin her Las Vegas residency on November 3 at the Venetian Resort’s venue Voltaire.

If a trip to the States is out of the question, don’t despair as she is expected to tour Tension in the UK, Australia, and beyond in 2024.

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