Etcetera Etcetera pulls out of Drag Race Down Under tour over co-star

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Australian drag star Etcetera Etcetera has said they’ve pulled out of the upcoming RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Australia and New Zealand tour over a “problematic artist” on the lineup.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under tour is kicking off from next month. The lineup features queens from season one and two of the show. Season two of the show is currently streaming on Stan.

On Wednesday, Etcetera posted a statement to Twitter telling followers “just FYI, I have chosen to pull out of the Drag Race Down Under Aus/NZ tour.”

“I believe drag artists should act in solidarity with marginalised communities, not stand by when a problematic artist continues to get cast for huge opportunities,” the drag performer wrote.

Etcetera made the decision after “in-depth conversation and consultation with community and artists of colour”.

“I don’t believe someone who performed racist acts for years — even after being called out — should be given a paid spot at EVERY show on a national tour,” they said.

Etcetera Etcetera said it was less “about the individual” and accused organisers of “refusing to make the right decisions to create safe spaces for the community.”

“I apologise to anyone who was looking forward to seeing me on the tour,” the performer added.

“I couldn’t do this with a clear conscience.”

Racism scandal addressed on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

Etcetera Etcetera didn’t name the “problematic artist” in the Twitter post. Voss Events has also been contacted for comment on Etcetera’s post.

Ahead of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season one, Perth drag queen Scarlet Adams issued an apology after Indigenous drag queen Felicia Foxx called her out for wearing blackface, brownface and racist costumes in old routines in resurfaced photos.

During the show, Scarlet Adams’ history of blackface was also addressed, including by RuPaul on the main stage.

Scarlet apologised during that episode, explaining she was “so ashamed” of those decisions.

“I can’t deny that that happened,” she said.

“As a dumb, ignorant teenager, I made some mistakes that I’m really not proud of. And every day, I regret those decisions.

“I regret the fact that I used my platform as a performer to ridicule people who have faced systemic racism for hundreds of years and I’m so ashamed of the person I once was.

“I’m really sorry to you and to everyone that I have hurt.”

RuPaul told the Perth drag performer he hoped the moment would “be a lesson in humility and accountability”.

“I’m sure there are people who would want me to cancel you, right here right now,” Ru said.

“I pray all of us can learn and grow from our mistakes.”

Etcetera Etcetera confronted Scarlet Adams on show

Earlier in the RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under episode, Etcetera Etcetera confronted Scarlet over the past performances in the werkroom.

“I’ve never looked at something like blackface and thought that could be an honest mistake,” Etcetera said.

“A lot of drag scenes are extremely racist. I see a lot of queens saying, ‘it was just a joke’ and ‘you should get over it’.

“But while people of colour and trans people are still facing violence every single day from the systematic oppression we live in, isn’t a joke to me.”

The second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is currently streaming on Stan.

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  1. Peter Turner
    22 August 2022

    In my experience racists and transphobes rarely, if ever change their views.
    Sure, they can’t feel free to express them publicly for fear of public shaming but the values remain
    My comments are general in nature. I don’t know either queen so I can’t comment on this case.

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