Equality Australia launches new trans rights arm

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Equality Australia has today launched a trans-led movement pushing for legal and social equality in a first of its kind for Australia. 

The national LGBTIQA+ advocacy group went live with #TransEquality on Tuesday. 

“Achieving equality for all trans people requires reform across every level of society, not just legislative reform, and that starts with changing hearts and minds on an individual level,” said #TransEquality project coordinator Max Pick. 

“It’s about meeting us and humanising us and connecting the incredible work already happening with the work that is still needed.” 

The new initiative combines law and policy reform with specialist training in campaigning, media and messaging for activists.

The #TransEquality initiative is made up of  three parts: “#TransLeading” provides opportunities for up-and-coming trans leaders, ”#TransConnected” creates a space for allies and ”#TransRights” progresses Equality Australia’s work on legal and social reform.  

“It’s time for trans and gender diverse people to lead their own narrative alongside allies who will amplify their voices,” Pick said. 

“Trans people need to be protected in law, but they also need allies when it comes to navigating daily life.”

Trans people are not your political football


#TransEquality was created as an arm of Equality Australia following extensive consultations with trans leaders and organisations and Equality Australia’s national supporter base.   

During these consultations, the need for an initiative responding to growing anti-trans sentiment became a clear priority.

“Our community and our allies are bearing the brunt of an escalating storm,” said #TransEquality chair Ymania Brown. 

“These attacks target the essence of our beings, our dignity and our very humanity. 

“Our adversaries are working tirelessly to cast shadows over our lives and to tear down the monuments of respect we’ve constructed with sweat, love and tears. They strive to dismantle the very bridge of acceptance we have so painstakingly built in the public’s heart.” 

The initiative will be advised by the #TransEquality Council and informed by the broader #TransEquality Network. 

“This initiative is not just a shield against adversity, violence and discrimination but also a beacon of hope for a future defined by compassion, understanding and unity for everyone regardless of their gender identity,” Brown said.

Equality Australia is currently recruiting for the #TransEquality Council and is accepting applications for the #Transleading leadership program, which will run in November this year for the first time. 

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