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energy hour
Energy Hour - Saturday mornings, New Farm Park.

In need of motivation or lack time for training? Then, all you need is 60 minutes every Saturday morning – Energy Hour – to improve your fitness and start your week with a bang.

Anthony Wolk and Charlie Dowling designed Energy Hour with a focus on group training for all levels of capability. All you need is a towel, exercise mat and water bottle… they take care of the rest!

Energy Hour comprises mixed intensity, fast-paced workouts that run for 60 minutes on Saturday mornings. The sessions allow for participants of all ages and also all levels of fitness. Anthony says Energy Hour is not about winning Gold at the Olympics. It’s about individual and community health.

“Charlie and I value fitness. We want everyone to take the same joy from their individual wellness.

“Increased fitness leads to increased enjoyment of life. (And fewer health issues!)

“But not everyone can fit in multiple training sessions every week. So, Energy Hour allows the opportunity to build fitness in one fun and action-packed hour every Saturday.”

Charlie added that the entire community are welcome at the inclusive and diverse sessions.

“We want to support people of all lifestyles to improve their fitness. Fitness and good health benefit us all. It’s all about unconditional enjoyment and fitness. We want you to enjoy getting fit – not dread it.

“Especially during this time of pandemic, it is easy to let fitness slip. Between lockdowns and restrictions, there’s a temptation to ease into life as a couch potato. But the fitter you are, the more enjoyment you will take from life.”

The Energy Hour Team

Anthony is an experienced personal trainer based in the Brisbane CBD. With expertise in training ages from 14-60, he’s perfect for those new to training.

Charlie is a qualified range of strength and knee ability coach. He helps people of all ages to increase flexibility and with problems like knee and lower back pain.

Energy Hour takes place every Saturday morning at 8:30 am in New Farm Park. There’s HIIT training, games, mobility and meditation in every session!

Energy Hour – seriously different from the usual.

So, start your week with a bang and have fun while building your fitness.

Check out Energy Hour on Instagram and DM for more details.

Alternatively, email Energy Hour or Phone 0411  265 979

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