End of Christian Democrats? It’s raining on Fred’s parade

christian democrats Fred's parade
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It appears Fred Nile forewent his decades-long tradition of praying for rain to wash out this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Perhaps he was distracted by the NSW Supreme Court decision giving the warring factions of his Christian Democratic Party until the end of the month to sort out their differences. Otherwise, the Christian Democrats are history. Mardi Gras went ahead. But it’s raining cats and dogs on Fred’s parade.

Of course, fighting with other people of faith remains a proud religious tradition. But the Christian Democrats take it to extremes.

The latest and perhaps final tussle resulted from disagreements over who should succeed Fred Nile in his parliamentary seat. A few years ago, he allegedly promised to retire in favour of the party president, then reneged. In 2021, he again announced his retirement, this time announcing Lyle Shelton would succeed him. But he changed his mind again.

The legal action in the NSW Supreme Court came about following years of dysfunction in the party. It is of course difficult to function with two competing Boards of Directors.

Justice Black issued a winding-up order for the Christian Democrats but stayed it until March 29. The competing factions, therefore, have less than a month to get their act together.

That seems unlikely.

Currently, the two factions cannot even agree on how many branches the party has.

Fred Nile: ‘the only Christian voice in Parliament’

Fred Nile wrote in a statement to Eternity News that he would place his trust in God.

“I believe that when there is nothing more we can do, then we start trusting God to do the impossible.

“We believe the crisis we are experiencing is an opportunity to experience God’s grace and power in our life. This is God’s Party and Our Lord has continued to sustain me as a Member of the Legislative Council and the only Christian voice in Parliament.”

Lyle Shelton

Despite losing his place as the chosen one to succeed Nile, Lyle Shelton remains the Christian Democrats campaign director. He claimed that during the legal proceedings, the two warring factions “burned through at least $490,000 of party funds, not counting their own legal costs which must also be substantial.”

Shelton said he did “all I could to help secure a future for the CDP but it seems that possibility is now over.”

Yes. All over bar the shouting. And there’ll be lots of that.

Despite all the noise they make, election after election shows relatively few Australians want the extreme right representing them in our parliaments. So, the few available spots are fiercely contested.

Don’t tell me not to fly,
I’ve simply got to.
If someone takes a spill,
It’s me and not you.
Who told you you’re allowed
To rain on my parade?!

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  1. Peter Turner
    11 March 2022

    I wish all of the CDP as well as One Nation and the United Australia Party well on their march into irrelevance and obscurity. May they die a slow and painful death.

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