Employee Won’t Wear Reprimand To Tone Down His Make-Up

make-up while at work

Don’t boss me around – if I choose to wear make-up I will.

That’s what 20-year-old Scott Laplanche told his employer in West Yorkshire after they told him he needed to remove his make-up while at work.


Scott believes the edict from Currys PC World is discriminatory given that his female colleagues “wear more make-up than he does”.

After refusing, the company then told him to “tone it down”.

Maddened by the request, Laplanche took to Facebook to share his disdain, which has since been shared more than 3000 times.

“Before I explain my frustrations, you need to bear in mind that … there isn’t any make-up policy at work,” he wrote.

“Also, a lot of my female colleagues wear more make-up than I do.

“With that in mind, I’ve been working here for about 8/9 months and I’ve never been reprimanded on my make-up before.

“Actually quite the opposite … some managers have supported me and complimented my make-up.”

However, recently we’ve had to go under new management.

“Earlier on in the week I came to work as my fabulous self and was told to take off my make-up.

“I was quite shocked … after I refused, I’m getting told to tone it down? Excuse me? Tone it down?”

Scott reiterated that he shouldn’t have to take off his make-up while his female colleagues are able to come to work wearing it.

“This is 2017, a time of year where we celebrate Pride throughout summer and I look hella hot so deal with it!” he said.


“It’s wrong to blatantly discriminate for whatever reason that may be.”

A spokesman for Currys PC World said: “This was a local store level misunderstanding that is being dealt with internally.

“Scott takes pride in his appearance and Currys PC World is proud of its diverse workforce.”

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