Elvira lost fans following Cassandra Peterson coming out

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Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark says she lost fans following her coming out last year. But she added that those fans came from a particular demographic that didn’t concern her.

Cassandra Peterson came out in 2021 in the memoir Yours Cruelly, Elvira. In the book, she revealed her 20-year relationship with longtime assistant Teresa Wierson.

Speaking earlier this week on the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope, Cassandra Peterson said the revelation of her sexuality apparently came as a surprise to her fanbase.

“The thing that came out that flipped everybody out was that I was with a woman. Nobody was ready for that. Apparently, we kept it a pretty good damn secret because nobody knew. Everybody was surprised. Now, our closest friends and our relatives knew. But outside a very small circle of people, even my second-tier group of friends who I’ve known for a long time did not know. It was shocking for me.”

Big fat hypocrite

“Honestly, I worried more about my gay fan base. Because I hope they embraced it, but I was feeling like: ‘What if they think I’m a big fat hypocrite, and I was lying to them?’

“Now, the straight people, I knew that there was going to be some horny old men out there who were just not going to like the fact that they didn’t have a chance with me anymore. I hate to tell them: they already didn’t have a chance with me anyway. It’s funny. One of the things that happened on my social media – I won’t say which platform – one day after the book came out I lost 11,000 people. They just said ‘Elvira, you lied to me. I don’t respect you anymore. Goodbye.’ But I got 60,000 new followers the same day.

“I know it was mostly just straight, older guys who felt lied to. You can’t please everybody!”

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