Ellen Page in Freeheld

By Kevin Hardy

Ellen Page has said that being in the closet hurt her career “far more” than coming out.

The actress was asked in a recent interview whether Hollywood has made any recent progress in its treatment of LGBTI actors, or whether she’s found herself being passed over for roles since she came out in 2014.

“You know, truly and honestly, it’s hard for me to know. I’m not in rooms where people are making decisions of who to send what to, and the truth is, I’m absolutely not focusing on it,” Page told an audience at the South by Southwest Festival (via Entertainment Weekly).

“Being in the closet hurt my career far more than being out and being happy and feeling inspired again; plus being able to fuse my authentic self with my creative interests.”

Page noted that since coming out she’s been able to make projects such as “Gaycation”, the LGBTI-themed travel series which she is currently working on with her best friend Ian Daniels; and the film “Freeheld,” which she produced and starred in.

She’s also producing a film with Kate Mara and Christine Vachon, in which she and Mara will star as lovers.

Ellen added, “If I was still closeted, clearly I wouldn’t be making Gaycation, and let’s think about how much that limits people of any minority who are not given opportunities to be creative in their work.”

“People need to have opportunity; that’s what’s going to make the whole industry grow and blossom. As a person who’s deeply involved with it and as a person who’s also an audience member, I really hope that starts to happen,” she said.

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