Ellen DeGeneres Slammed For Backing Kevin Hart’s Return As Oscars Host

Kevin Hart talks to Ellen degeneres homophobic tweets

Ellen DeGeneres has sparked heated debate within the LGBTIQ community after she urged Kevin Hart return to the job of hosting next month’s Oscars ceremony after he stepped down over past homophobic tweets.

The comedian and actor was last month named as host of February’s Academy Awards ceremony but pulled out days later after a series of homophobic tweets he’d posted from 2009 to 2012 emerged.

In a controversial interview for DeGeneres’s talk show, Hart reiterated his apology for the tweets but has been criticised for claiming the resurfacing of the comments “wasn’t a coincidence,” but instead a “malicious attack on my character” one day after his announcement as Oscars host.

DeGeneres urged Hart to return as Oscars host but she was slammed for dismissing Hart’s critics as “trolls,” “haters” and “a small group of people [on the Internet] being very, very loud.”

“Somebody has to take stand against the quote-unquote trolls… They’re going to win if you don’t host the Oscars,” she said.

Homophobic tweets by Hart that emerged included calling someone a “fat faced fag” and comparing a profile picture to a “gay bill board for AIDS”.

Hart also tweeted, “If my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay.'”

Tre’Vell Anderson, entertainment director at LGBTIQ publication Out, wrote in an op-ed that Kevin Hart’s response in the Ellen interview showed he has “a lot more growing to do” and the talk show host “doesn’t speak for me”.

“As a Black queer someone who, when my body began to manifest aspects of my identity—a sway in my walk, a bend in my wrist—was punched in the chest by Black men in my family, Ellen can’t and doesn’t speak for me,” Anderson wrote.

“Hart is one of the most recognizable Black faces in pop culture and that’s why he should especially seek forgiveness from Black queer folks in addition to his broader appeals, something DeGeneres can’t grant.”

Journalist and activist George M Johnson explained in a viral Twitter video, “Ellen this really wasn’t your place to offer forgiveness because you weren’t harmed in all of this, black LGBTQ people were harmed in this situation.

“So to allow Kevin Hart to come on your show, basically speak for six minutes straight, uninterrupted, where you don’t challenge him on any of the things he’s said, is just a disservice and more of what black LGBTQ people have experienced from white LGBTQ people, who continue to absorb cis hetero people when they harm our community in particular.

“Where were you allowing the space for those who were harmed to come on your show and talk about it?”

The 91st Academy Awards will be held on February 24, and no replacement host has been announced since Hart stepped down.


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