Eliminated bogan Art Simone channels RuPaul’s DRDU at home

RuPaul's DRDU bogan art simone
Image: Art Simone Twitter

“There’s no business like show business, like no business I know.” Yes. The show must go on, and despite RuPaul’s DRDU moving on without her, last night, bogan Art Simone was still there in spirit, or at least, goon. A totally bogan Art Simone released a video showing off her Episode 3 look. And she got just a little wasted in the process.

Scroll down for video.

Art titled the clip Art Therapy, though one commenter suggested Art Simone’s Therapy as an alternative.  Bogan Art Simone shows off her planned Bogan Prom Realness costume. After all, what says Bogan Realness more than getting pissed by yourself at home? Wearing your new dress with no one to say how choice it looks! When all your friends go to the pub without you, grab a goonbag and shoot a Facebook Live that no one watches. Because those bitches are all having fun — without you!

Now this writer, apparently alone in Australia, did not object to Art Simone’s elimination. Her Bindi Irwin was more Bindi Eye — the noxious lawn weed that sticks in your foot when bogan you takes your ugg boots off in the Uber.

This will probably incite bogan villagers to grab their flaming torches and pitchforks and chase me to the local windmill. But, probably too late to backtrack now.

So let me say, I also thought Coco won the Lip Sync. She gave a relaxed and charming performance. Meanwhile, Art flailed like a drag queen who sees the audience heading for the bar and desperately tries to hold them.

RuPaul’s DRDU Bogan Prom Realness

But despite all that, I thought Art’s Bogan Prom Realness far better than what we saw on the runway Saturday night.

Very similar to Scarlett’s goonbag ensemble, but for me, superior. To be honest, I struggled to see any Bogan Realness on the runway, but poor Bogan Art Simone, sobbing into the camera for her home video, brought the missing element.

Of course, last night on RuPaul’s DRDU, Coco went home. Any comment, Art?

Check out the video and see what you think. Then, put your pitchfork back in the barn and comment below.

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