Election 2016: Marriage Equality Gets Boost In Support

sea of rainbow marriage equality

While the federal election didn’t produce a clear winner, one thing it has delivered is an increase in parliamentary support for marriage equality, according to advocates.

A majority of MPs across all political parties are in favour of the reform, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays Australia (PFLAG) claimed on Sunday.

“A free vote would deliver marriage equality straight away,” PFLAG spokesperson Shelley Argent said.

Both PFLAG and Australian Marriage Equality (AME) called on the Coalition to drop its proposed plebiscite on the issue and hold a free vote in the parliament instead, should they form government.

In the last two months, AME has undertaken what it calls its largest ever election campaign in more than 30 seats across the country.

“In many seats where AME has run its election campaign, we have seen support shift from communities and MPs for marriage equality,” AME spokesperson Dr Shirleene Robinson said.

“The support levels right across the political spectrum is wonderfully encouraging and shows that marriage equality is an issue that transcends party politics.

“Regardless of the final election result, Australian Marriage Equality will continue to advocate in local communities across Australia.”

A record number of 40 or more openly LGBTI candidates ran in the election, AME said.

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