Egypt’s Administrative Court has upheld the right of the Interior Ministry to deport gay foreigners and prevent them from entering the country. The court this month upheld the banning of a Libyan student’s return to Egypt because he is gay, thus putting in place the legal groundwork needed for further expulsions of foreign homosexuals.

A representative of the Administrative Court says the decision was made to “preserve the national interest, religious and social values, and prevent the spread of immorality”,

The ruling follows a sharp increase in the number of LGBT people being arrested in Egypt since the military overthrew president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights estimates that more than 150 LGBT people have been arrested since the military takeover.

While homosexuality itself is not illegal in Egypt, it remains a social taboo , with gay men typically prosecuted on charges of debauchery or undermining public morality as substitute charges.

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