Eddie Izzard takes on first female role in ‘Doctor Jekyll’ remake

Eddie Izzard Doctor Jekyll
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Eddie Izzard will take on her first acting role as a woman in the upcoming Doctor Jekyll remake.

Doctor Jekyll is yet another remake of the classic film, however, this version will be switching up the gender roles from the start.

It’s the first female role Izzard has played since speaking about their gender fluidity publicly.

Eddie Izzard to play Doctor Jekyll

Eddie Izzard is well known for her to stand up comedy, acting and activism work.

On top of this, she has become quite well known for her voice-over work, including work on the Narnia franchise and most recently, The Dark Crystal reboot. 

Over the course of her career, she has won Emmys and has starred on the stage and screen.

Since 2019 Izzard started publicly addressing her gender identity stating she is happy with either he or she pronouns.

“If I am in boy mode, then ‘he’ or girl mode ‘she'” explained the comedian.

Public comments over the years have addressed her identity in various ways.

However, it had largely not been part of her public profile until that point.

Eddie Izzard has continued to maintain a large amount of privacy surrounding her private life, however, in 2020 requested the use of she/her pronouns for a TV appearance.

She had previously identified as a “transvestite” but now identifies as a transwoman.

The last role Izzard played was Harry Sutton in the 2021 film Stay Close. 

It was announced this week that she would be playing the role of Doctor Jekyll in the adaptation being directed by Joe Stephenson which is currently being filmed in the UK.

Whilst previous iterations of the film have featured Jeykll transforming into a woman, this will be the first to feature Doctor Jekyll as a woman from the start.

Watch an interview with Eddie Izzard about her life and comedy below.

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