Dustin Lance Black cleared of gay bar assault allegation

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Acclaimed, openly gay filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, known for his Oscar-winning work on Milk, has been exonerated of an assault charge by a London court.

Based on the inconsistencies in his accuser’s narrative, the judgment marks the end of a high-profile legal battle that garnered significant media attention.

The incident occurred on August 18, last year, at Soho’s Freedom Bar. The filmmaker, alongside his husband, British Olympic diver Tom Daley, encountered lesbian BBC Three presenter Teddy Edwardes. After Edwardes bought Tom Daley a drink, she joined the couple in their booth.

However, allegedly feeling uncomfortable about the presence of another man in the booth, Teddy Edwardes left to seek assistance from security.

She alleged that upon her return, Black forcefully grabbed her wrist, causing her to spill her drink. The altercation intensified when she punched him, an act she admitted and for which she later received a police caution. Subsequently, Edwardes initiated a counter-claim.

The court’s decision

Dustin Lance Black’s attorney, Helena Duong highlighted in court that Edwardes did not mention the wrist grab in her initial police report or subsequent social media posts.

Her tweets following the incident downplayed the seriousness of the situation, further casting doubt on her claims.

In a statement released after the court’s ruling, the filmmaker expressed relief and reaffirmed his innocence, emphasising that he was the victim of a severe assault.

Teddy Edwardes, on the other hand, voiced distress. She says she is now uncomfortable frequenting gay bars, which she once considered safe havens.

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