Drama on MAFS after gay groom flirts with crew member

MAFS gay couple Michael and Stephen are in trouble
Composite photo. Image: Nine

Things aren’t looking good for Married At First Sight Australia’s gay grooms Michael and Stephen after a big blow-up on Monday night’s MAFS episode.

Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart (above, left to right) met at the altar mid-season a few weeks ago.

But last night, their “marriage” was in chaos after Michael caught Stephen flirting with another man.

“Today was meant to be a fun day,” Michael explained to the camera.

“We had a publicity shoot and Stephen was getting his hair done, and I could see my husband flirting with the hairdresser.

“On the car ride home, I saw Stephen was smiling and laughing at his phone. I asked, ‘Who are you texting?’

“He was talking to the hairdresser. Stephen told me he felt a spark with this hairdresser that he’s never felt with me.”

Stephen felt ‘sexual spark’ with hairdresser

Talking it over together, Stephen, who works as a hairdresser himself, told Michael he didn’t intend to hurt him but felt “really confused”.

“I had a 30-second conversation with someone and I felt it was so much easier to get flirty with them than I did with you after two and a half weeks,” Stephen admitted.

“Absolutely, we had a spark there. It was playful and a little bit flirty, 150 per cent. I know that’s a s__t thing to hear, which is why I feel so guilty.

“I feel s__t, but feeling that instant attraction to someone made me realise what we’re missing.”

Stephen later adds, “I would be lying to you and everyone if I said I could go forward in this to build a sexual relationship with you.”

Michael is devastated, pulls his wedding ring off, leaves it on the table and storms out.

“After that, I don’t know if I care to salvage it,” he says.

But even after all that, the two men still choose to go on the ~Couples Retreat~ to Byron Bay.

Later, Michael and Stephen join the rest of the cast by the fire but the pair’s “rough week” gets even worse.

Watch below:

Hilarious and distracting detail during MAFS fight

MAFS viewers discussed the uncomfortable scenes they’d just seen between Michael and Stephen. But people noticed one accidentally hilarious detail during their fight: Michael’s shirt.

The shirt featured the legendary meme (below) of screaming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammar edited together with a white cat sitting at a table.

Michael's meme shirt on MAFS
Image: Nine

MAFS viewers also mostly agreed Stephen didn’t come out of the whole thing looking all that great.

“You can’t deny a spark you feel for someone else. But surely it’s common courtesy to wait until the experiment is finished before you go off sparking with a hairdresser you just met?” one person wrote.

“Stephen was crying not too long ago about his father cheating on his mother only to emotionally cheat on his husband right in his face?” another wondered.

“If you don’t feel it you don’t feel it but these experts are useless at putting people together,” someone else wrote.

Married At First Sight Australia continues on Nine.

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  1. Peter Turner
    5 March 2024

    Who cares, to be honest.
    MAFS is a tragic show that garners ratings by continuing to stir the pot and then capitalising on the ensuing drama.
    Who in their right mind would agree to a sham marriage with someone they don’t know?
    Of course you’re going to fire up the sad poor excuses for “counsellors ”
    The gay contestants are there purely to garner ratings, not for anything regarding “inclusion “.
    Why are we being dragged down to their level?

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