Drag storytime ePetition needs votes – Come on Brisbane

drag storytime epetition

The drag storytime ePetition requesting Brisbane City Council continue to allow drag storytime events in their libraries needs your help.

  • Majority of signatures on anti drag storytime ePetition not from Brisbane
  • ‘Conservative’ religious groups enjoy little real support
  • QNews.com.au VS acl.org.au
  • Adult entertainment?
  • Portraying LGBTIQ people as inferior beings
  • Special surprise bonus pic

The ePetition from Wendy Francis, Queensland director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), to ban drag storytime in Brisbane libraries is catching up.


You can click on this link to ask Brisbane City Council to continue to allow drag storytime in council libraries.

The anti drag storytime ePetition

When a follower first asked Wendy Francis about people from outside of Brisbane signing the petition, she replied, “Worth trying.”

Her followers now actively solicit support from every corner of this wide brown land. Want to study up on Aussie townships you never before heard of? Read the anti drag storytime petition.

From the beginning, that ePetition attracted a preponderance of signatures from outside Brisbane. Exactly 60% of the first 200 signatures came from places as far afield as Perth in Western Australia and Geilston Bay in Tasmania.

We asked ourselves what would the residents of Geilston Bay think if the Brisbane LGBTIQ communities petitioned Geildton Bay’s local council to organise a Pride Parade?

Therefore, when QNews publisher Richard Bakker began the pro drag storytime ePetition, he specifically requested only residents of Brisbane sign. At QNews, we believe signatures from people who actually live in Brisbane and use the libraries carry more weight. While we remain grateful to non-residents who cared so deeply they signed anyway, we prefer signatures from people directly affected by the outcome.

The latest drag storytime ePetition results

At 11 pm 23 January 2020, the ePetition to keep drag storytime has 6469 signatures. The opposing ePetition to ban drag storytime (misrepresented as ‘adult entertainment’) has 6375.

The Keep Drag Storytime ePetition does also contain signatures from outside Brisbane. But we took a sample of the 100 votes on pages 300 to 304 of the two ePetitions to illustrate the difference. What was that percentage in the first 200 signatures on the Francis ePetition?


Baby, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

Equivalent samples of the two ePetitions

drag storytime epetition
Keep drag storytime ePetition with signatures from outside Brisbane in red.
drag storytime ePetition
Ban drag storytime ePetition with signatures from outside Brisbane in red.

If you so far resisted entreaties to sign, but want to now, click here to support drag storytime.

How much support do ‘conservative’ religious groups enjoy?

We do not believe conservative religious groups enjoy the support they claim.


The ACL, for example, a public company and registered charity, claims to represent a ‘grassroots movement of over 170,000 people’. Certainly, their Facebook page is busy. But Facebook pages which people visit to bicker always are.  When QNews posted a poll on drag storytime, we were smashed. However, when we noticed more white supremacists from Kentucky USA visiting than anyone else, we took the poll down.

Extremists can round up a mob from anywhere.

QNews.com.au VERSUS acl.org.au

To get a better idea of ACL’s real following, we compared their Alexa Rank to our own. The Amazon-owned Alexa ranks website traffic based on page views and unique site users.

As Australia’s top-ranked LGBTIQ site, QNews today enjoys a ranking in Australia of 1,131. At the same time, ACL’s ranking is 12,423, indicating substantially less traffic.

Of course, nothing indicates public support quite like an election result. But both Francis and former ACL director Lyle Shelton suffered defeat on their attempts to enter the Australian Senate.

We hardly need to mention the resounding YES vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey both campaigned against.

Adult entertainment

Opponents of drag storytime relentlessly brand the event as ‘adult entertainment’. It is not. Drag storytime features child-appropriate content and entertainers dressed in drag.

In Brisbane, the drag performers receive full training for working with children and hold Blue Cards. While many drag queens use adult humour in nightclub settings, they sign no satanic oath to only do that. It is hardly unusual for people to tailor their material to their audience.

  • Many movie stars work in both kid’s movies and 18+ adults only movies.
  • Countless comedians work cleanly on TV and ‘dirty’ in adults-only venues.
  • Church services for adults vary greatly from Sunday School classes.
  • Most adults in this world speak differently in the presence of children.

It’s all because the sky never fell in

Opponents of same-sex marriage claimed same-sex marriage would lead to every possible calamity known to humankind. It never happened, so they now contrive drama.

How did this latest controversy begin? It began when a mob invaded an educational event for children in a public library, chanting angrily and distressing the children. Unprecedented behaviour, but now fellow travelers seek to capitalise on it to punish the LGBTIQ communities. It’s all our fault. Likewise, they seize on nonsense tales of transgender dolls to create outrage. Unisex toilets? Yes, it’s those rainbow people again!

Opponents of drag storytime actually resent the increased visibility and acceptance of the LGBTIQ communities. They marvel that anyone should grant LGBTIQ people the same rights as straight people.

Read their Facebook posts.

“Wish they’d get back in there closets.”

“A drag queen is pretty much just a mentally ill person just slightly worse.”

“There is that thing of course that never ceases to surprise me when men go to fancy dress parties as women….i’ve never thouggt that okay.”

“How on earth did they get blue cards?”

“Whoever allows this sick activity should be placed on the sex offenders watch list.”

“Any school council or govt that alowes this is just irresponsible.”

“Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse”


Child Abuse

The issue of child abuse is serious. Casually hijacking the issue to point score is disgraceful.

The real agenda of opponents of drag storytime is to drive LGBTIQ people out of public space — to deny them equal participation in the community — to refuse them access to the facilities their tax dollars and rates payments contribute to — to drive them back into the closet.

And to do that they portray us as lesser beings — inferior — subhuman. Yes, we’ve been down this road with them before — over centuries.

If these people truly cared about child abuse, they’d pay attention to the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. It found abuse took place most commonly — 58.1% — in an institution managed by a religious organisation.

The most common occupations of perpetrators: a person in religious ministry, teacher, residential care worker, and foster carer.

Those figures demonstrate that the real solution is to treat everyone equally. In the past, some people escaped scrutiny because of their self-declared holiness. Children suffered terribly as a result.

A society that treats everyone equally instead of conferring privilege on the entitled and self-righteous, will be better for it.

One last thing — extremists, stop the bullshit!

Self-described ‘godly’ people seem to enjoy a very casual relationship with the truth. Trawling through their posts, one becomes immune to the lies and slander they throw at anyone they think a sinner.

Here’s one that gave me a FFS moment. One woman’s argument to convince a friend to sign the anti drag storytime ePetition.

“A friend knows a family who’s 8 year old child has undergone a sex change without the knowledge and consent of the parents.”


Anyway, here’s another opportunity to sign the pro drag storytime ePetition.

We know this was a big read. So, as a reward, here’s a special bonus pic of the Member for Manilla in drag a few years ago. Please don’t hate me.

Image: Facebook                           George Christensen

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