Drag Race Video Rucap: Maxi Shield ‘I was my toughest competition’

Maxi Shield

Six weeks in and the drag race competition is starting to heat up. Every moment counts as the queens get ready to battle it out for a spot in the final five.

As the queens gather around the drag race mirror It’s clear they knew Etcetera wasn’t here to fuck spiders and are still surprised to see them go. “She is the future of drag” Art ponders and all the queens agree.

Trans people deserve better.” Parting words from Etcetera that’d couldn’t be more on brand for them. Etcetera you will be missed,

Maxi however is more impressed that this old duck took out the youngest in the drag race competition.

We’re reminded again that Maxi is much older than she looks. Shhh we won’t tell if you don’t.

To watch our full interview with this weeks eliminated queen scroll down or click HERE

Game on.

Meanwhile Elektra is not letting her win go to her head at all. Not a little bit. Nah.
So naturally she decides to pick a target this week, just to shake things up.

If anyone is gonna send Scarlet home, it should be me. I think Scarlet’s good. But I’m a better performer.’

You can’t blame her for being ambitious. If you’re going to take someone out on drag race, go for the front runner baby.

I’m a lip sync assassin she claims.’ Well honey, we were more thinking power bottom. But you do you boo.

Ten years is a long time on Drag Race

As the queens gather around the table before Ru’s entrance we’re made aware of just how toey they are all getting.

Or thirsty rather. Very thirsty.

Apparently for some of them it’s been a while, apparently for Art it’s been a decade.

If that isn’t the greatest lie of the season we don’t know what is.

However as thirsty as she is Art makes it clear there’s never going to be an Art and Kita love story. Sorry Kita.

Aunty Donna…?

Before Ru can make his dramatic entrance the queens are treated to this weeks special guest who pop in with another quick video message.

Who is it? We’re not sure.

No honestly what is this?

It’s a gay Hi-5 meets Queer eye, but they’re a thruple?

The team from ‘Aunty Donna’ are apparently very happy to be here. But we’re at a loss on this one. Scarlet is thrilled. Scarlet apparently spends too much time on Youtube.

As quick as they are there this trio of odd men are gone again, replaced very quickly by ten of the drag race pit crew and Ru.

They’re here for a challenge, we think. But we’re all a bit ‘dickstracted’ especially Art, she’s very ‘dickstracted.’ That ones going straight to the pool room, thanks Art.

Is that a Koala in your…?

With that, this weeks mini challenge is upon us again and we’re not quite sure what the fuck is happening.

Half naked men are pulling animals out of their pants. Because it wouldn’t be a season of drag race without the shameless ogling of the half-naked pit crew now would it?

Six drag queens who’ve been separated from the touch of a man for four weeks are now forced to watch as these men touch themselves.

Somehow some points are tallied or something and hurrah, Maxi wins something!

A Drag Race rugby makeover

A makeover challenge is always a treat on drag race and this season look to be no exception. For this seasons makeover the queens are paired with players from the New Zealand Falcons rugby team. Not only is this another opportunity for some great eye candy but it makes for another great challenge.

Winning the mini challenge Maxi is tasked with pairing the queens with the players, rather than throwing anyone under the bus she does a good job of pairing everyone well. Particularly her own pair, despite his beard, is a good match.

Work room shenanigans always have much more heart and far less hate for these challenges. Sometimes that’s just what we need. In the heat of the competition it’s nice to see the queens focussing on their drag race challenge and less on each other. For once the work room is fun and lively, there’s a new energy and we’re living for it.

Between Art and Maxi’s teams we could watch this all night.

But who’s got time for that? Time for the runway.

Drag Race family resemblance, or something like that…

It’s another three judge drag race runway this week, but all is forgiven because yes Rhys Nicholson Sporty Spice is our favourite athlete of all time.

Category is ‘Drag family resemblance.’ Apparently. But that’s a drama for five minutes from now.

Kita Mean and Pheta Mean open the runway and they own it. Their black and white runway number compliments each other without being too matchy matchy. These bitches are on point.

Elektra Shock and Ri Ri Action serve up some space alien purple glitter glamazonian realness and it’s delightful.

Maxi Shield and Silhouette swing for something different and at a glance it’s lovely. As always Maxi’s gone for something unusual and it works. It’s the finer details she’ll pay for later.

Art & Craft Simone are Priscilla perfection. Are they twins? Not a chance. Are they clearly from the house Priscilla built? Absolutely. Fun, colour, fabulousness.

Scarlet and Sapphire Adams hit the runway and they’re the first team to really look like something’s not right straight up. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the corsets. Yes Michelle, we know! Or it’s the fact Sapphire looks like the two dollar version of Scarlet? You can clock it a mile away.

Karen from Finance and Debbie from reception are twinning, but almost to the point of too much. Resemblance vs identical looks seems like a line they’ve crossed just a touch too far.

‘I don’t really see a drag family resemblance.’

As the judges hit the critiques things go a little off the rails.

Straight out the gate they are loving Kita Mean. Despite Elektra kicking it off with a stunning look, Michelle clocks the makeup and Rhys Nicholson picks a fight with her over it. The look works, but the judges aren’t on board.

Maxi and Silhouette are looking fab, but Michelle is out to read them for the finer details, missing wigs and bra straps on display. It’s not looking good.

Art and Craft get the ‘What the fuck?’ critique of the night as Michelle states ‘I don’t really see a drag family resemblance.’ Michelle has obviously gone colourblind, never seen Priscilla and has lost all her senses. We’ll see you in the car park Visage.

Scarlet and Sapphire are the ones with the critiques that ring home the most. Sadly it’s a ‘What you ordered online vs what arrived in the mail moment’ with these two.

Karen and Debbie who literally look like twins get more praise for their family resemblance than the probably should, but not without Ru admitting he’s ‘missing the transformation.

Backstage the queens anxiously try to unpack the judges comments to figure out who’s about to lip sync for their lives. Karen is sure it’s herself and Kita in the top. Art is adamant that this isn’t a clone challenge. Overall everyone except Kita could be in the bottom. It’s true, there is only one thing certain for this week and that is Kita and her time for a win.

Tops and bottoms of the drag race runway

Returning to the main stage Art finds herself safe first (now the only contestant without a win), closely followed by Karen.

In the most anti climatic win of the season Kita is crowned her first win and awarded her gift card. Someone emptied the bank and at this point we’ve gone from cash to gift cards and it looks like we’re never going back.

After a tense moment our power bottom Elektra is saved, as she should be and finds herself joining the safe queens.

Battling it out for the final two remains our front runner Scarlet and the ever adorable Maxi Shield.

After pulling out a lip sync win last week can Maxi do it again?

Kylie is the perfect back drop to this week’s battle.

Better the Devil you know.‘ A song that Maxi has been performing since Scarlet was still in nappies should give this goddess the leg up.

Legs however are part of Scarlet’s bag of tricks as she alternates from spread eagle on the run way to splits and turns.

Maxi pulls out all the tricks and flair but cannot match hurricane Scarlet.

‘It’s been fucking amazing, thank you so much.’ A gracious Maxi departs the drag race stage.

It has been Maxi.

We stan.

Check out our full interview with Maxi Shield below.

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