Drag Race Video RuCap: Etcetera on Scarlet: ‘It’s not my apology to take’

Etcetera Etcetera Drag race down under

It’s another week in the drag race work room and finally we are down to the final seven. Actually. Where’s Anita when we need help counting?

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For now, it’s time for a drag race Rucap!

After an emotional farewell to Anita, Art Simone sums up Anita and her departure best. “The most aggressively positive person I’ve ever met in my life.” Vale Ms Wigl’it. We stan.

But with one Kiwi queen down Kita and Elektra have got their backs against the wall. Battle lines are drawn. “There’s more to down under drag than just Australian queens” Elektra declares. That’s right Elektra, we also drink our beer from shoes.

The best drag race mini challenge

Now, before we can get to this week’s mini challenge Etcetera needs a moment to talk about Kita’s dress for the 75th time.

We get it honey. But honestly, let’s give Maxi her cooking challenge.

As Ru makes her next appearance, it’s time for the only mini challenge that ever truly makes any sense. That’s right.

The library is open. But it’s a bit late really? These girls have been reading each other harder than Ross Matthews at a gay rodeo since day one. That was a warm up, this is just the main event.

Straight out the gate the girls are nothing short of vicious.

Etcetera kicks off with a baffling yet hilarious attack on Karen from Finance “You look like the kind of person that enjoys hemorrhoids.” Well maybe she does darl, who are we to judge?

Karen shoots some low blows while Kita Mean goes for the throat. Maxi’s delivery is funny, but girl we know those are recycled jokes, this ain’t the bag challenge now doll.

Let’s be honest, we knew Art was going to deliver the win here and she did four times in one hit. Why they sent anyone after her could only have been to make Art look even funnier. Sorry Scarlet and Elektra, actually no, we’re not.

Congratulations to Art, she won something!

Second place goes to Scarlet’s bald spot on the back of her head. Cheers for that one Scarlet.

A yeasty drag race maxi challenge.

Without further ado it’s time for this week’s maxi challenge and of course it’s a curveball.

The task at hand? To develop an advertising campaign for their newest ‘Yeast’ product including a name and video to market the product. We know how this is going to go down, weird, wonderful and wacky. It’s a recipe for a drag race disaster and we love it.

Straight off the bat the first thing the girls seem to think of is vagina’s. Clearly that seems to be the extent of their knowledge of that piece of anatomy or yeast for that matter. Which is ten steps ahead of everyone else.

We know ya’ll out there googling ‘Yeast’ to try and sound smart. Catch up.

Maxi goes hard for ‘Hornbag’ and Karen from Finance is ever so elegantly going to market some ‘Discharge.’

Scarlet is joining the party to bring ‘Snatch’ to the table. Meanwhile Etcetera is fairly certain that an ‘elegant woman holding a jar of piss’ is ‘refined and concept based.’ We’ll give you this much darl, it’s a concept.

Suzanne Paul heads up the filming part of the challenge with Michelle. Again most of the audience isn’t quite sure who she is. But she’s a delight and we’re just happy she’s not dialling it in.

Queens on screen are always a treat on these challenges and this season is no different. Honourable mentions from the session go to Suzanne for “BOGOF” (Buy One Get One Free) and Scarlet for her beef curtains. That’s a first for drag race Scarlet, thank you.

No-one however can really standout more than Etcetera and her extensively vulgar and wildly entertaining take on her ‘piss.’ It might be over the top, but it made an impression, what more can you want? By the end of the session it’s clear Suzanne is wondering what fucking show her manager roped her into. Michelle however looks more perplexed than ever as to how she got herself into this shit.

It’s strange to appropriate someone’s culture to make fun of it.

Workroom preparation this week turns serious rather quickly.

Prompted by a question from Art, Scarlet reveals some poor decisions from her past. For the audience we’ve been waiting to see if this would surface and how it would be handled.

I have in the past, along with a lot of the other queens, have done black face before, which I really regret.” The refreshing part to the confession is Etcetera and Art who aren’t ready to just accept an apology.

After shooting daggers Etcetera makes her position clear “I’ve never looked at something like black face and even thought that could be an honest mistake’. Art chimes in “You said that you were using it and trying to do it for humour. It’s strange to appropriate someone’s culture to make fun of it.

The discussion is uncomfortable, but necessary.

But what’s most uncomfortable is the all white people in the room discussing racism. With two people of colour who could have been present for the discussion, Scarlet perhaps chose her timing poorly. Etcetera doesn’t back down and keeps her position strong. An apology won’t cut it. Only actions moving forward from here can and she’s right.

Scarlet vows to do better and the conversation holds itself over for part two on the main stage.

A drag race down under runway to remember

Enter the runway.

Tonight’s theme ‘Finest Sheila in the bush.’ We know this could go either way, but it doesn’t.

Each week the queens step things up and this week is no exception. Every single queen serves a winning look for the runway.

Elektra is dark and dangerous. A painted wig? A great decision. Kita’s rainbow rainforest is equally enchanting and ridiculous. Maxi takes a turn back in time. Her old school picnic at hanging rock realness is adorable. Karen from Finance drops a tribute to Aussie firefighters that is perfect and poignant.

Art Simone’s transformation from Outback Steakhouse realness into Kath Day-Night dancing queen is perfection.

As always Etcetera is out to tell a story. Her beautiful rainforest overcoat gives way to a beautiful story of fire ravaged bush land ready to burst forth with new life. All this from a dress huh? How’d a thunk it on a drag race runway?

Something spectacular this way comes. Scarlet delivers a remarkable Priscilla inspired outfit to round out the most perfect runway of the season. If it weren’t for the video challenge the bottom two could be anyone.

Lights, camera, action.

Elektra’s video is cute, quirky and hits the mark. The judges are happy and the girls are pissing themselves. See what we did there?

Kita’s yeasty nuts gets some praise, pushing her towards the top, Maxi however is not hitting the mark. Failing to make the transformation from desperation duchess to hornbag realness is doing her damage.  The damage is so bad  Ru starts talking about her therapist. Girl, now you know you’re in trouble. Karen’s discharge is heading south, but a safe south. If you gotta be safe? Take it.

When you start playing with the line between Aussies and Yanks you risk getting lost in translation. That is perhaps the misstep for Art here. She’s not the worst, but to a panel half full of  American drag race judges it’s hard to serve your message well.

Piss. Is, well everything apparently. Do we have any idea what it’s really about? Not really. Is it funny as fuck. Yes. Etcetera is quirky and weird and wacky. It’s demented and Michelle loves it, but not enough. Ru however is not a fan. Girl you in danger.

Scarlet joins the club of crossing the line from funny to filthy, this time Michelle isn’t here for it. Moments after heaping praise on her outfit, Ru decides it’s time to bring up that work room chat.

‘There’s something we need to talk about’

Putting Scarlet Adams on the spot Ru states simply “I want to give you the opportunity to address this.” Again Scarlet is apologetic and sincere “As a dumb ignorant teenager I made some mistakes that I’m not proud of and I regret that every day.

It’s hard to watch.

Hard because there’s no-one there to accept the apology.

Scarlet’s pictures weren’t just “Black Face” the costumes specifically targeted First Nations people of Australia, their silence in that space is deafening. As a person of colour, Ru has some space to speak and she does.

Now I’m sure there are people that would want me to cancel you right here, right now. But I’d rather this be a lesson in humility and accountability. I pray that all of us can learn and grow from our mistakes.” With that the issue is side swiped for now, the show goes on and we await the fall out back home.

Game on moles

After some tight deliberation it’s time to kick off the final match for the night. With two wins in a row and a stellar performance on the runway how will tonight’s situation play out for Scarlet? Following a tense moment she is declared safe and heads to the back, closely followed by Kita Mean.

In the come back story of the season, after Art Simone in that dumpster, Elektra Shock is crowned the winner.

Perhaps she should stick to painting that wig on every time?

Leaving four queens on the stage to piss themselves gently, Maxi Shields is quickly sent to the bottom two. After a moment of terror Art Simone is sent scurrying safely to the back of the runway, leaving a relieved Karen to joint her as Maxi and Etcetera Etcetera are left to battle out it out.

In truly one of the best Aussie lip sync battle songs of the season the girls go head to head to Vanessa Amorossi’s ‘Absolutely Everybody’ and we are feeling it.

So is Maxi who whips out her silver microphone from fuck knows where.

Game. On. Moles.

It’s all but over as Maxi works that stage with nothing but that silver mic and some bitch ass sass. Etcetera works it with everything she’s got but it’s nothing against Maxi’s comedic routine that has everyone cackling.

Etcetera makes her drag race departure with elegance and humour.

Leaving just six queens to screech at each other in next weeks pre-mini challenge bitch fest.

To see the full interview with Etcetera Etcetera watch our video below.

Check out the brand new single ‘Flush’ by Etcetera Etcetera below:

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