Drag Race Video Rucap: Elektra Shock ‘You’ve gotta have your own back’

Elektra Shock

After another tough week of competition on Drag Race Down Under Maxi Shield has sashayed away. Her parting words: ‘I had to stand on a stool to write this.’ 

Art sums her up perfectly ‘Legend, Icon, Diva.’ Vale Maxi Shield.

You can watch our full interview with the latest eliminated drag race down under queen HERE.

The top four, plus Art

The Scarlet vs everyone else tension seems to be on the rise. ‘Wow Scarlet, you did the splits, I thought there was so much more to drag than that?’ Elektra muses to the camera. We know she was thirsty to take her down. Perhaps this will be her week?

Gathering on the couch the final five take a few minutes to land some solid punches on each other and well, on Scarlet.

I’m glad you’re here for another week. I can’t wait to see what corset you’re gonna wear next week.’ Karen throws the hardest punch first. ‘You’re such a c****nt.’ Scarlet squeals. Well Karen, if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up.

Turning their attention away from Scarlet for just a moment the girls congratulate Kita on her drag race win. Kita graciously raises the point ‘You can’t win this competition without having a win somewhere along the way.’ A point that is not lost on Art.

Don’t count me out just yet, I am the rash that just keeps coming back.’ Is it time for the underdog of our final five to pull out a win?

With that, it’s time for the ‘Top 4 plus Art’ to prepare to take each other down, again.

A Drag Race Down Under Talent Show

It’s a new day in the workroom and as Ru makes his appearance he declares this week’s maxi challenge. A Talent ‘Extravaganza.’

The twist, as last weeks winner Kita gets to pick the running order.

Will she set them all up for success or is she gonna ‘Sabbo’ it a little, just to mess shit up?

Straight up Art is happy to go anywhere and Scarlet definitely wants to go last, as does Elektra.

We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Talent shows are generally reserved for drag race All Stars seasons. Seeing this challenge appear in the final five is going to be interesting. With only five queens a train wreck of a performance is going to be much harder to hide. So if anyone shaves their head and jumps out of a little pink car, we know they’re a goner.

Kita is planning some magic, Elektra is ready to dance, Scarlet has a pole up her sleeve and Karen is playing with balloons. Literally, no-one has any fucking clue what Art is doing.

But the real question dominating the room is who gets to go last?

In true dramatic fashion Kita reveals the lineup. Karen, Art, Kita, Scarlet and… Elektra.
Not only did Kita NOT put Scarlet last, she spelt her name wrong.

The cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity, the gumption.

That’s SO Raven!

Before the ladies get the knives out Ru is in to check on them and he’s brought his international drag race handbag, Raven!

Elektra is distracted as fuck. She’s talking about dancing and something else, but she’s probably forgotten, we’ve forgotten. Because, Raven.

Get a room, actually no, we’d pay to watch that.

Kita’s attracting the flies as she drops her bomb on Ru. ‘I’m going to do quick change magic’ she squeaks. Much to her delight Ru lets her know he in fact hates magic. Pack your bags bitch.

Scarlet starts talking shoes, poles and splits. Not only is it dangerous, it’s her first time. Never mind, we’ve got pole jokes to sit on.

Art has a giant mouth.

Art is going to shove things in her mouth.

Ru is as excited about this as she is about magic. Scarlet is the most excited.

I’m excited for Art to stuff things in her mouth because it means she’ll be quiet for a fuckin second.

Karen announces her plan to do ‘clowning and ballooning’ which confuses Ru. Lucky he brought along his trusted drag race interpreter, Raven. Ru challenges Karen to be sexy. That’s right. Be sexy with your balloon animals Karen. You.. do that.

At this point we’re all overlooking the most impressive talent so far. Art’s facial expressions in her confessionals.

Every three minutes we’re being served a new facegasm and quite frankly we’re living for it.

‘I was getting death threats’

Drag race workroom talk turns from funny to serious on a dime this week. After poking fun at Karen’s stressful levels Art changes course. As they are recounting their advice from Raven, Art recalls a time a gig went wrong and the fallout that followed.

I was getting death threats.

It’s a sobering reminder of some of the darker side of drag that follows these girls off screen.

If you are every feeling run down please give me a call and we can talk through it together.’ Art, you’re not such a bad bitch now are you?

Drag Race Talent Time

First up it’s Karen from Finance. There’s something ‘dominatrix clown gone wrong’ about this outfit.

Karen struts out on stage making a point to Ru that she’s trying to be sexy by slapping her ass.

She makes this point again as she starts licking her balloon. With that Karen makes a tiny poodle and leaves. Michelle said it best ‘Is that it?

Art Simone arrives and true to form is weird as fuck.

After stuffing a whole pie, followed by a whole lamington and then of course her whole fist in her mouth, Art is hilarious. It takes great talent to turn that into a talent, but she pulls it off.

Kita Mean produces a quick change routine that is well, anything but quick. After a slight build up we’re treated to four dress changes. It’s cute and it’s camp but is it magic? Is it as funny as watching Art stuff an entire meat pie in her mouth? No, it’s not.

Scarlet Adams takes to the stage and is on fire in mere seconds.

Dressed for filth, this isn’t just a pole dance, it is a performance. Scarlet is riding that pole harder than Ross Matthews on a Tuesday night.

Arguably it’s a talent we’ve haven’t seen on the drag race stage before. Scarlet is the drag race MVP tonight. Without a doubt

Elektra takes to the stage, she’s powerful and on point with her modern dance routine.
Dark and moody it’s enough to make Ru ‘wow.’

We know she’ll be read for the wig and that dress, but it’s worth it.

Category is ‘How’s your head piece?’

Call the medics. A small tribe of muppets have been killed and attached to Karen’s head.
It’s pink on pink on pink.
She’s right, it is ridiculous.

Art has planted a small garden atop her head. Butterflies circle her face and it’s cute. As always it’s a concept piece and it works.

Kita Mean sums her look up best ‘I am giving you club kid femmbot realness and I am feeling camp as fuck.’

Scarlet is serving ‘big bird meets Cher meets Hollywood glam‘. Is it over the top? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely.

Elektra delivers a Moulin Rouge inspired outfit and it stuns. Comparatively to the other girls it may have more simplicity.
But the swing hanging off her head is a nice touch.

It’s time for the judges critiques

Karen is loved for her runway, but called out on the length of her performance. Ru however thinks that ‘Karen from Bondage’ was sexy as fuck.

All the judges are loving Art’s look, how can you not? When it comes to the talent show Rhys hits the nail on the head.

I don’t know what that was, but fuck I loved it.

Kita gets praise for how fun her show was, but not for how long it took to get there or the quality of her outfits.

Ru is loving her outift. We’re not sure where the night is headed for Kita.

Scarlet gets all the praise she deserves. ‘That was mind blowingly good’ Michelle states and Michelle is correct. We aren’t gonna argue this one.

You’re dancing was very very well done. I really hope Sia saw that and you can be in the next video.’ You can tell Michelle is going to run Elektra down after a high hit like that straight out the gate.

Costumes and hair are her targets and again ok Michelle, valid.

Rounding it out though she declares her runway ‘the best you’ve ever looked.

Who do you think should go home tonight?

Ru is a shady bitch and asks the girls to throw each under the bus with this less than favourable question.

We have three judges for a reason Ru, that’s your job.

All of the girls throw Elektra to the wolves, even Kita. It’s another blow for Elektra who comes out swinging at Art instead.

As they untuck the girls get ready to draw blood again before they’re interrupted by ‘The Veronica’s.

Joining the girls from their apartment in Queensland the girls hit up the queens about who should be in the bottom.

It’s a clear bottom three to say the least as the queens circle from Elektra, to Kita and Karen.

The Veronica’s parting advice: ‘A well placed slut drop can come in a save the show last minute.

Thanks girls, that was… insightful.

A Drag Race Down Under show down

Returning to the stage with a decision that surprised no-one, Scarlet is declared the winner. Cementing her with three wins in the final four, it’s looking good for Scarlet. Scarlet also receives a $5,000 cash tip. That’s one sixth of the prize money for those playing along at home.

Equally as obvious should be a bottom two of Kita Mean and Karen from Finance.

Straight up Ru shoots that one down.

Announcing Elektra as up for elimination it’s a coin toss on Karen and Kita.

Ultimately, it’s the Kiwi show down as Kita joins Elektra in the bottom two.

Untouched is the song of the week and honestly both girls are here to fight.

Elektra throws a shock decoy straight out the gate she looks set to walk off set.


While Elektra is certainly on the move, circling, kicking and splitting, Kita is almost dead still.

We can hazard a guess it’s because those shoes are impossible to move in.

As the lip sync draws to a close it feels like a double save could be there, should be there.

Raven and Jujubee flash before our eyes, sadly no.

After seven weeks it’s time to farewell the Drag Race Down Under power bottom that is Elektra Shock. Her parting words?

Hey Ru! How you doin?

Watch our complete video interview with Elektra Shock on Youtube below.

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