Drag Race superstar Alaska drops video for new song XOXOY2K

Drag Race Star Alaska XOXOY2K

Drag Race star Alaska Thunderfuck has released the camp new video for her latest single XOXOY2K.

This latest release is another track from her forthcoming album Red 4 Filth.

The track is an homage to all that was great about the early 2000’s.

“I came of age in the time of low rise jeans and flip phones.”

XOXOY2K is an upbeat dance track from Drag Race star Alaska Thunderfuck.

Everything about this track will you give memories of everything you loved and maybe some things you wanted to forget from the early 2000s.

XOXOY2k gives off Aqua meets Vengaboys vibes in all the right ways.

Fashion and accessories are at the forefront of this camp music video and Alaska is ready to serve.

“The fashions and accessories of the early 2000s are burned into my psyche because I came of age in the time of low rise jeans and flip phones ” she says.

“This is a love song about attraction and repulsion– all decorated in the mise en scene of the year 2000.”

Red 4 Filth in 2022

Earlier this year Alaska Thunderfuck sat down to talk to Qnews about her fourth studio album, Red 4 Filth.

Like previous album titles, this is a throwback to her days on Drag Race.

The album originating from the fragrance Alaska created to market in episode eight.

“Season 5 of Drag Race happened ten years ago. Now it’s vintage, it’s throwback” she laughs.

“I love referencing from Drag Race and stuff I’ve done in the past so Red 4 filth was a no-brainer.”

“This is the red era right now. Red is the color of passion and love, so there are songs about relationships and friendship and love.”

Whilst , AnusPoundcake, and Vagina were more self-referential comedies, Red is a celebration of music.

“Vocally it’s really really fun,” she says. “It’s been really really challenging. I’ve been taking voice lessons and trying to get my voice in shape.”

Musically it’s definitely a change for Alaska, a celebratory throwback to great music.

“It’s really based in the nineties and early 2000’s, it’s like time traveling too.”

Red 4 Filth is being slowly released via a series of singles.

XOXOY2K is the fith single off the forthcoming album.

Watch the video below.

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