Drag Race stars redo a Brady Bunch classic

Rupaul Drag Race Dragging The Classics Brady Bunch
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This week some of the biggest stars of Drag Race have come together to redo a TV classic, The Brady Bunch

The end product is definitely something.

An MTV production, Dragging The Classics, offers the simple premise of reshooting a TV classic using the stars of Drag Race.

In this episode the queens take on the iconic season two episode Will the real Jan Brady please stand up?

On paper, the idea sounds clever, there was always something a little camp about The Brady Bunch.

With the constant need to reboot TV classics of late, this was certainly a different way to approach the idea.

Drag Race stars unite with former Brady Bunch cast members

The program not only uses some of the biggest names from Drag Race, but it also combines some of the original actors from The Brady Bunch.

Original Greg Brady (Barry Williams) steps into the fatherly role of Mike Brady for the remake.

Other Brady Bunch stars return to their former roles.

Actors Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland reprise their roles as Peter and Bobby respectively.

Meanwhile, Drag Race fan favourite Ben De La Creme takes on the role of Greg Brady, in male drag.

Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen make their return as well, instead opting to play supporting roles in the remake.

Bianca Del Rio and Nina West tackle the iconic roles of Carol and Alice while the three sisters are filled by some big names.

Shea Coulee, Kylie Sonique Love and Kandy Muse take on Marcia, Jan and Cindy respectively.

The episode wouldn’t be complete however without a guest appearance from Rupaul and of course, Michelle Visage.

With so much star power, there were high expectations for the release that failed to deliver.

Dragging The Classics looks set to hit all the marks of a classic Drag Race acting challenge

Providing an opportunity to put all those green screens from Drag Race to good use, the queens are transported to the iconic Brady Bunch house.

At surface level Dragging The Classics look set to hit all the marks of a classic Drag Race acting challenge, but it never really takes off.

The queens normally take things to new heights of over the top characterisation, instead the energy is low.

Opting for a more subdued line for line remake of the episode cements the episode in some campy nostalgia. But it doesn’t play for the laughs needed.

The original episode still comes off funnier than the remake.

Instead, the stars push through the episode, relying on the script for laughs and committing the Drag Race crime of playing it at “one note.”

However Bianca Del Rio, Nina West and BenDelaCreme are the saving grace to the show.

Leaning into just the right level of camp frivolity it’s clear they understand what the program was aiming for.

Nina West as Alice almost steals the show.

The three stars deliver just the right level of tongue in cheek camp fun we need, if only the others had followed suit.

Drag Race All Stars 6 winner Kylie Sonique Love is earnest and endearing as Jan Brady but the role needs so much more.

Rupaul and Michelle Visage shine in their own scene, the wig store, of course.

As an additional scene it allowed for much more of their own comedy to shine through and brighten up the episode.

Overall Dragging The Classics is a fun idea, with a stellar cast requiring a little more “oompf” to deliver the laughs it needs.

Dragging the classics is available in Australia on Paramount plus.

Check out Kyle Sonique Love and Eve Plumb discussing the program below.

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