Drag Race star William launches new TV show, Iconic Justice

Willam Drag Race Iconic Justice

Infamous Drag Race star Willam has announced his upcoming TV show, Iconic Justice.

Following in the waves of programs launched by former Drag Race contestants recently, this is set to be interesting.

Willam is ready to serve Judge Judy realness meets Jerry Springer ridiculousness.

Willam serves Iconic Justice

The premise for the program seems simple.

Willam in all his camp, blunt realness is the courtroom judge.

Khaki-wearing bailiff Matthew Camp is adorned in a leather chest harness.

The cases are ‘real,’ queer, and camp as all get out.

Various LGBTIQ complainants plead their case to Willam who presides over the “court” room.

The cases presented are definitely far more than we’ve come to expect of Willams predecessors.

The list includes “kink-shaming, racist micro-aggressions, professional jealousy in the gay nightlife scenes, and so much more,”

As would be expected, the first glimpses offer an interesting array of characters.

The trailer for Iconic Justice shows drag queens, pups and of course a man in a giant cow costume.

Why? We can’t be sure.

Will Willam deliver some much-needed light entertainment?


More than just camp drama

Dropping the trailer on Twitter recently Willam described the program as “Real People, Petty Drama.”

It certainly does appear to be over the top, but Willam describes the show as having more heart than it appears.

“Going on TV just to judge people? I’ve been training my whole life for this gig. Seriously though, no one teaches you how to be queer.” Willam said in a statement.

“So for all the stupidity and fun on the show, there’s actually real advice too and that’s something I’m proud of.”

Whilst the program is not yet available in Australia we can hope to see it here soon.

The program, produced by DADDYTV and airing on OUTTV is available on AppleTV+ in the US.

Here’s hoping Iconic Justice will air in Australia soon.

Catch the trailer on Twitter below

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