Drag Race RuCaps: WTF was that? Art Simone talks Snatch Game

art simone snatch game

After the Drag Race Down Under premiere and painful elimination of Jo Jo Zaho last week the Aussie queens have got the world talking, good and bad. And Snatch Game and the elimination of Art Simone has all of Australia talking.

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We’re back for Week Two and everyone’s got something to prove. In an ominous foreshadowing of terrible things to come, Art Simone spruiks her confidence.

“I think I’m deserving of winning.”

No one at home disagrees.

Then a segue to discuss just how Aussie we are. Why not celebrate with a ‘shoey’?

The episode kicks off with our queens necking a drink from their shoes, as you do.

But what’s more Aussie than guzzling an unidentified beverage from a size 13 high heel?

Kylie Minogue, that’s what, fuckers!

Despite promising Kylie as a guest judge, RuPaul serves our first taste of the songstress via a pre-recorded video.

In an announcement that surprises no one who watched last week, it’s time for Snatch Game! To get the ball rolling, we’re treated to an almost but not quite fight that wasn’t. Art and Scarlett both want to do Bindi Irwin. But Scarlett quickly passes the character to Art, a decision Scarlett will never regret.

As Ru enters, we’re ready for his take on who’s doing what. Anita Wig’lit is still smiling like someone’s got their hand up her ass and quite frankly, we’re living for it. So is Ru, as Anita gives him her best impression of Queen Elizabeth, much to his delight. Next up Ru’s ready to read Coco for her Week One outfit.

“That was rotten.”

Burn it, Coco. Burn it.

Lindy Chamberlain

Etcetera Etcetera is next and straight up she’s going to hell. 40 years is still too soon but she’s ready to suit up as Lindy Chamberlain.

“My mum used to tuck me in and say, ‘I hope the dingoes don’t take you tonight.'”

Right, as you do love.

Art is ready for her ‘interpretation’ of Bindi Irwin and she’s got Ru in hysterics. That’s all we get before it’s battle stations and all systems go.

It’s time for Snatch Game Down Under!

Hitting the studio, our Queens don’t disappoint. Karen from Finance waves something around that resembles Dolly Parton but her first line lands. Art looks like Bindi and sounds like Steve. Coco as Lizzo has some energy. Anita Wig’lit seems half her normal size as she serves some British royalty realness. Scarlet Adams sounds like but looks nothing like a thirsty Jennifer Coolidge. Meanwhile, Elektra Shock serves up Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose been through the mill a few times. Maxi Shields is on point as Magda circa Fast Forward 1990 something? Etcetera kicks off with the equally predictable and entertaining ‘has anyone seen my baby?’ Before we’re mistreated to Kita Mean as Dr Seuss for reasons unknown to anyone.

As far as Snatch Games go we’re far from the Romper Room Fuckery of Season Four. Nothing will ever hit that low. Don’t even try to compare.

After a string of US seasons that saw queens miss the mark badly, we’re treated to a steady stream of characters making their best effort. They use Aussie humour to add something a little different. Albeit darker at times, with a few swings and misses, we don’t see some of the train wrecks delivered by US counterparts.

Whilst Maxi is steady as Magda, Dr Seusss drops some rhymes that give us a laugh and Dolly flutters somewhere between entertaining and lost. Catherine O’Hara is anything but Moria Rose, does she make us laugh? Absolutely. Art as Bindi is not lacking effort. Her Bindi channelling Steve energy is on point, but the lines don’t seem to land. Jennifer is a steady stream of Stifflers Mum/that woman from Legally Blonde on repeat while Lindy Chamberlain amps it up from wrong to really wrong. Lizzo was present, but others soared above her low energy performance.

Queen Elizabeth

Unsurprisingly it’s the eternal ball of endless energy and sunshine that is Anita Wig’lit as Queen Elizabeth that steals the show. With an outfit and accent on point, every joke lands from “I wish a dingo had taken my baby’ to the line of the night ‘What’s the secret to a long life? Don’t piss me off and wear a seat belt.’ We could cover more but that’s all we’ve got time for because quite frankly, you’ve got better things to do.

Back in the workroom, the mood is low, for everyone except Anita. Speculation about the bottom two circles around CoCo, whilst others including Kita Mean are feeling less than confident. It wouldn’t be a workroom pre-runway chit-chat if we didn’t have a sobering discussion about life. This week’s talk turns to family as the queens reflect on the support from the family in their lives. Anita Wig’lit delivers an emotional story about her relationship with her father that was touching and honestly left everyone rooting for her just a little bit more. Even in tears she still looks ridiculously happy.

Hitting the runway, we’re again treated to three judges. Ru returns in drag and Rhys Nicholson continues to hit the one-liners out of the park. Category is ‘Sea Sickening’ and well… points for originality Ru. Overall we’re served some delightful looks. Points to Art, Kita and Anita for some high fashion moments and honourable mention to Karen from Finance for her Jaws-inspired costume. But Scarlett Adams takes the cake on this Runway for her Barrier Reef realness.

Now hang on, this is where the shit gets wild.

Anita Wig’lit

Straight out of the gate, Ru declares Anita Wig’lit the winner. No top three. From here things get weird as Etcetera Etcetera and Kita mean are declared safe before Ru announces a bottom six, leaving all the remaining queens all up for elimination. Really Ru?

Ten minutes of mixed reviews follow. No one seems safe as the judging panel go for gold bringing each of the remaining queens down and reading them for filth. It’s awkward and confusing and the direction of the bottom two queens becomes less and less clear.

Everyone prepares to go home, the impending sense of doom foreshadows any sense of fun as every queen considers their fate. In an attempt to distract the queens from their impending doom Danni Minogue pops up for a video chat. She says something inspiring and the girls go back to their doom.

Returning to find out their fate Ru prepares to deliver the shock of the season, who will stand beside CoCo Jumbo, because let’s face it as much as we love her there was no saving her from the bottom. One by one everyone that is not Art is saved until a shaken Art stares at Lizzo, ready to fight. No literally, it looked like some WWF shit was about to go down.

Instead, the real hate crime of the episode takes place with the pair forced to battle it out to Rupaul’s song ‘I’m that bitch’. Quite possibly one of the most useless songs for a lip sync battle in a long time. As the music ends Rupaul delivers the final blow and sends a shocked Art Simone packing. It’s brutal to watch as Art breaks down delivering one of the most real and painful exits we’ve seen in some time.

That means nothing

Before she leaves, a producer consoles her.

“But you were here.”

“That means nothing,” Art howls, spawning the newest drag meme and further securing Art as one of the most memorable queens to take this stage.

Find out how Art felt about her exit, what other Snatch game character she would have played and why she regrets nothing in our video interview below.

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