Drag Race Down Under Rucap: Anita Wigl’it on Art Simone twist

Anita Wiglit Drag Race
Anita Wiglit Drag Race Down Under

It’s another week on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under and holy fuck, these bitches are out for blood. As Elektra gets to work cleaning that mirror, the other queens go for the jugular.

Elektra is not feeling her critiques and Etcetera is happy to tell her all about it. “The judges, their critiques kind of say that you don’t have much of a taste level.”

Not before Scarlet literally calls her a piece of shit as she confesses to the camera, “You can roll a turd in glitter, but it’s still a piece of shit.” Okay Scarlet, you definitely ain’t here for RuPaul’s Best Friend Race

Before anyone else can throw marbles across the floor it’s time for another day in the workroom. Top 7 apparently, because Anita Wigl’it wants the world to know she can count. But Henny, we’re about to find out how wrong you are.

Before we head towards more blood shed Ru makes his usual appearance – yes his actual appearance, he’s there kids. As he wheels in a great skip full to trash and treasure the anticipation of the design challenge builds.

However Ru has other things in mind, because it wouldn’t be Drag Race without a good ole twist now would it?

A second chance?

As Ru starts to recite his lines about second chances the queens all gasp to perfection as the mound of trash starts to move. What lies beneath?

Praise Gaga, it’s Art Simone! That’s right, after two weeks of running some well executed press junkets about her elimination from Drag Race (someone give her the Oscar already) Art Simone is back! It’s a no tricks and games decision, no JoJo or Coco in sight. Art is back and the other bitches are gagged, literally gagged. 

With Art back and ready to rumble Karen is off her game, in fact all of the queens are a bit shaky as they second guess themselves.

With the appearance again of Ru he’s ready to set a cat amongst the pigeons. Karen gets told to change direction. Elektra gets told to bring back the glam, but Scarlett gets told to drop a grenade.

“What advice would you give Elektra?” Ru purrs, knowing full well the shitshow he’s about to set off.

“There’s more to drag than doing the splits,” Scarlett drops, reluctantly, apparently. 

Unable to contain herself, Elektra who has somehow managed to hoard and attempt to use 95% of the materials from the dumpster fires back. Citing a long line of famous names from Janet Jackson to SIA who she’s danced for Elektra puts her dancing chops on the line. Scarlett isn’t buying it. “So you’ve been a backup dancer, right.”

Design or drown

It’s easy to forget the queens are here for a design challenge, but as the drama dissipates ideas start to form. Maxi is ready to tear up some drag bags, Etcetera is glamming up some curtains. This drag race is on. 

Kita is going balls to the wall, literally. Karen is ready to turn her very own Chapelle down the runway and Anita wigl’it, well she’s got everyone worried. After changing from sewing to gluing, Anita is tearing the fuck out of some books and old video tapes and hot gluing those fuckers harder than Elektra doing the splits. 

It’s almost time for the runway but not before we get our warm and fuzzies. Workroom chat inevitably turns personal as the queens spend hours applying their faces.

Etcetera Etcetera chimes in on a chat about drag and gender to reveal her struggle. In a room full of knives it’s nice to hear her kindness and her struggle shine through as she talks of being non-binary and presenting in and out of drag. It’s a great change of pace and a nice way to round out the work room. 

Runway time, let’s go

Finally a guest judge in person! A real live person! On the drag race main stage!

Michelle is serving silver realness, Rhys is still red and ever so pale but glorious. Rounding out the panel is Elz Carrad. It’s easy enough to be one of those bitches and say “Who?”

But let’s be real, it’s filmed in New Zealand and local versions are about local talent. Elz has got all the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent to get our attention. Shantay, you stay. 

Enter the Queens

Art Simone – Rocking out a pink Marie Antoinette styled number, it’s clear she’s no chance of going home, even the judges agree. 

Kita Mean – Cable ties, umbrellas, ball pit balls and a fucking sleeping bag. She goes alright. Etcetera isn’t having a bar of it. 

Etcetera Etcetera – 1920’s loveliness, curtains and a totem pole have her feeling on fire. The judges… not so much.

Maxi Shield – Drag bag, Vivienne Westwood grunge punk. The bags are tough and so is her attitude. Maxi swings and she hits. 

Karen From Finance –  Shapelle Corby realness, isn’t quite as real as Karen might have expected. The giant joint and the boogie board are the only things that make the outfit and the judges aren’t having it. 

Elektra Shock – “I’m serving you just been fucked in the printing room.” Need we say more?

Anita Wigl’it – Book burning realness, got lost somewhere in translation. Between the video tapes and pages in the wind, there’s something aloof and not quite right. 

Scarlett Adams – A vintage picnic table ensemble. It’s a delightful rehash of Utica’s Season 13 outfit and she wears it well. 

Much to the contrary of the other contestants’ opinions Elektra is safe, followed by Kita Mean, the two Kiwis fuck off backstage. 

As expected Art is the golden child and it’s well deserved. Etcetera is read for her rumpled bottom and an image or character that didn’t quite land. What she was missing was anyone’s guess because she looked stunning. 

Schabelle Corgi does Drag Race?

Maxi’s drag bag realness pays off in spades as the judges laud her new grunge look. Not before they drag Karen down a peg or two. There’s no question to it, Ru is not here for “Schabelle Corgi.”

Sadly there’s no doubt about it, Anita’s outfit has been done before and it has been done better. Anita is going down in flames and Karen’s going with her.

Scarlet however has risen to the challenge again. “Glamdickulous” in fact. So sayeth Michelle.

Elektra revels in her “Fuck you moment” backstage as the queens collectively agree Karen From Finance and Anita Wigl’it are going head to head.

Meanwhile Karen is just hanging her hat on the idea of a comedy challenge to secure a win down the track, if she makes it.

Unsurprisingly we have an Art, Maxi and Scarlett top three. Taking out the top prize, Scarlet Adams. Her reward for a second win in a row, a gift card, which is 0% of the prize money for those playing along at home. While Etcetera starts packing it standing alongside Karen and Anita, there’s no doubt who our bottom two are.

A Drag Race double elimination?

Anita Wigl’it and Karen kick off our lip sync to Danni Minogue’s “I Begin to Wonder.” Within moments we all begin to wonder, is this a Drag Race double elimination?

Something has stumbled in the unbreakable happiness of Anita as she tries to find her feet. Meanwhile, Karen from Finance struggles through what looks like the beginning of an Oz Aerobics video. 

In the end, it’s Karen’s piss-taking daggy dance moves that save her from the edge.

After leaving a heaving, sobbing mess of drag queens behind on the runway Anita’s parting words “there’s always time for one dry ass pussy” will ensure she’s not forgotten.

That and the fact she flogged the mirror lipstick and whatever else she could lay her hands on on the way out.

To hear more about Anita’s time on the show, what you didn’t see on camera and her take on Art Simone’s return watch our interview below.

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