Drag Race Video: Karen From Finance ‘I haven’t heard from Schapelle?’

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Karen from Finance managed to pull out a win in the very first episode of Drag Race Down Under.

From the outset this Melbourne queen established herself as force to be reckoned with.

Now with the drag race down under finale behind her Karen sat down to chat with Michael James about her time on the show.

Karen, cease and desist, please!

Before drag race Karen From Finance had already made a name for herself.

After establishing herself in the Melbourne drag scene for many years Karen had begun hosting popular community Drag Race viewing parties.

Owing to there being no easily accessible means to view the show on the same time as the US Karen had to use other methods.

However it wasn’t long before Foxtel took notice and insisted that the parties stop by sending an official cease and desist.

Karen was having nothing of it. “I thought no, this is corporate greed here. I’m running these amazing community events that are bringing people together on Tuesday nights and you want to stop it?”

In her interview, Karen recalls how the open letter she sent to Foxtel changed the game for RuPaul’s Drag Race in Australia.

Just weeks later Foxtel was no longer airing the program with its new home swiftly arriving on Stan.

All thanks to Karen from Finance.

Karen on Drag Race Down Under

Appearing on Drag Race Down Under was a dream come true for Karen From Finance.

From the outset she was confident, something she says you have to be in this competition. “You’ve gotta go in with high hopes for yourself!”

Reflecting on the show Karen is proud of her achievements, although there may be things she would change, there is one she wouldn’t.

That Schapelle Corby costume that almost sent her home.

The outfit was awful but I had so much fun doing that episode!”

But has she heard from the Corbys?

I haven’t heard anything! If Art’s heard from Bindi Irwin why haven’t I heard from Schapelle Corby?”

In the eight short weeks of the show viewers had their chance to fall in love with Karen from Finance.

From her comedy skills, to the ever debatable talent show, Karen always turned it out.

You can click below to watch the full interview with Karen. Find out how she felt about her competitors, how she backed herself for the win and what she loved about being on the show.

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