Drag Race front runner Willow Pill comes out as transgender

Willow Pill Drag Race Trans

Willow Pill, star of Drag Race season 14 has come out as transgender in an announcement on Twitter today.

This makes Willow the 5th transgender contestant on the current season of Drag Race.

With her quirky style and lovable personality, Willow Pill has quickly become one of the front runners of the season.

Willow Pill comes out as transgender and shares a post-surgery picture

Drag Race Season 14 is shaping up to be the most trans positive season in herstory.

After opening the season with two transgender contestants, Kerri Colby and Kornbread “The Snack” Jete, other contestants have since come out.

Contestant Bosco came out several weeks ago in a statement online.

Meanwhile, current contender Jasmine Kennedie came out during a recent episode of Untucked.

This week Willow Pill has spoken of the comments that she made about her gender on Untucked, revealing she is a trans woman too.

“So much space has been taken up by my illness”

Taking to Twitter Willow Pill used the opportunity to address comments she had made in Untucked recently.

“Its taken me a long time to come to terms with my transness because so much space has been taken up by my illness” she said.

“My condition has caused me so much physical and emotional pain that my body became something I always wanted out of.”

Willow Pill has previously revealed that she suffers from a condition known as Cystinosis.

Cystinosis can cause many issues with bodily functions, including muscles.

Willow has been seen visibly struggling during the season with tasks like opening boxes due to her condition.

She went on to address how she has recently rediscovered her identity in her body due to her time on the show with fellow contestants.

“Only in the last year have I really started to realize that I’m not happy with my gender identity either.”

“Much of that is due to being on Drag Race and feeling euphoria being Willow for the first time since quarantine and being around a bunch of queer and trans friends on set.”

Willow was very good friends with fellow trans contestant Kornbread who bowed out of the competition due to injury early in the season.

“I’m still not sure where I fit on the spectrum”

Willow went on to reveal the journey she has continued on since Drag Race, including some recent surgery.

“I’m still not sure where I fit on the spectrum, for now I just say trans femme, but I also don’t have to know now” she stated.

“Last November I had surgery to make my face a bit more feminine” she revealed to her fans.

However she went on to state the surgery was also to help correct the effects of her medication.

She stated it was to “reduce some of the effects that long-term medication use has done to my face.”

Whilst Willow remained optimistic in her post she highlighted the risks of further transitioning.

“Transitioning with a chronic illness is not simple,” she stated.

“Any further medicalization of my body scares me because of my medical PTSD.”

“I’m currently discussing a very low dose of hormones with my doctor and will have to take things very slow because I”m on a variety of intense medications.”

“It may be that it’s not for me because my health comes first but I want to try.”

Willow Pill is currently considered one of the favourites to will RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14.


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  1. GEORGINA Brown
    11 March 2022

    Love it….more fem the better….let yourself come out…your life will be heaps better x

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