Drag Race Down Under: Who will win the crown?

Drag Race Down Under Cast
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With just three episodes to go on Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under it’s time to take a closer look at who will take the crown.

Although we’ve been treated to just 8 episodes for the premiere season of the show they have left us gagging for more. From controversial early eliminations to controversial returns, this season is delivering.

With just six sickening queens remaining who is going to make it all the way to end and take the crown?

Let’s take look at our Drag Race Down Under power rankings.

The power tops and power bottoms of drag race

Art Simone

There’s no doubting that Art Simone is a powerhouse talent. If she weren’t there’s no way they would have inexplicably dragged her back onto Drag Race.

Funny, engaging, talented and confident Art really does have it all to get herself to the end. And she might. But is getting to the end going to cut it for this talented Hornbag?

Aside from her elimination, let’s put Bindi to bed now shall we? Art has hit the top twice and coasted in safe once. Good stats, but she still hasn’t brought home a win.

If she can’t pull out a win in the next two episodes she could make a fantastic first alternate. We’re rooting for you Art!

Elektra Shock

As far as drag race goes, Elektra has proved herself a power bottom thus far. With two bottom 2 performances, a low and safe mark it was easy to think she was on her way home. This week turned things around for Elektra.

Could pulling out a win after a string of bad runs be enough to put her in the top four of drag race down under?

Only 3 of the remaining queens have a win and Elektra is one.

Is this enough to see her sail into the final 4 or will the next two weeks see the end of the road for Elektra shock?

Karen From Finance

Karen walked into Drag Race Down Under an easy front runner.

With a reputation that preceded her, confidence, glamour and humour, Karen was an easy bet. But did Karen peak too soon?

Is this power top going to stumble at the last hurdle? Karen’s early win in episode one has been followed by two low placements, a safe and a bottom two performance.

Although this week saw her safe, is her early win too far gone to see her make the finals or is she saving the best for last?

Kita Mean

This week Rupaul accused the other girls of underestimating Elektra. However Kita Mean may be the dark horse none of us saw coming.

Despite not having a challenge win Kita has so far managed to coast through the competition with 3 safe placements and two high scores.

If she can pull out a win or two before the final Kita could be a strong competitor for the crown. We definitely see her in the final four.

Maxi Shield

What can we say about our beloved Maxi other than we love her?

Maxi is a drag race icon but her record is a bit all over the shop. With no wins under her belt Maxi has still made a lasting impression.

From 2 low scores, a safe and a high placement Maxi was almost on track to bigger and better things until this weeks yeasty performance.

With a bottom two performance so close to the end and no wins to show, could the next two weeks spell the end for our beloved Maxi?

Scarlet Adams

Rounding out the pack is the queen of controversy herself, Scarlet Adams.

Let’s be honest it’s not a nice crown to wear and it’s not going to do her any favours.

At this stage statistically Scarlet is the front runner. There’s no denying it.

Scarlet is the only Drag Race Down Under queen remaining to have placed in the top three times and two have two wins under her belt. Not to mention she joins Kita as one of the only two remaining queens to have not placed in the bottom two at all.

So who will win?

Although the race is tight, it’s time to make some predictions.

Next to go?

It’s a tight race, but it looks like the writing is on the wall for our beloved Maxi Shield. it’s going to be an uphill battle to make it through to the final for Maxi. It just doesn’t look like she can pull through from here.

Joining her is a tough call. We stan for Karen from Finance, but it looks like it could be curtains for this delightful queen.

Let’s call it a tight finish. Like all good finance workers is looks like Karen is going to clock off at 5.

The final four

Based on the number of episodes remaining it looks set for a Drag Race Down Under final four.

Scarlet Adams
Unless there’s a strong stumble or a fallout from last week, there’s not way Scarlet is not in the final four.

Kita Mean
Joining Scarlet is undoubtedly Kita Mean. It will take some serious marbles on the floor to throw this queen. With a track record this squeaky she’s a shoe in.

Art Simone
There’s no doubt that Art Simone is an icon. Bringing her back has already brought more life and colour back to the show. Since her return to the show it’s been safe to say there’s no way she’s heading back to the bottom.

Elektra Shock
Call it controversial but there’s a strong comeback vibe circling this power bottom. There’s nothing like a come back and to see Elektra soar into the finals after stumbling so hard only seems right.

It’s hard to call who will take the crown from here, but from this far out it looks like a strong showing for a Scarlet and Kita final two. But at this stage, it’s still anyone’s game.

Who do YOU think will take out the crown and win the first ever Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under?

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