Drag queen Cash Richy to make debut in ritzy Port Douglas

drag queen cash richy jack ritchie port douglas
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Few drag queens get the opportunity Jack Ritchie has in Port Douglas – making his performance debut in a ritzy tropical resort. 

Drag queens and their stage shows used to comprise mainly two distinct styles.


In suburban clubs, the “I can’t believe they’re men” Les Girls style shows allowed suburban mums and dads a safe walk on the wild side.

In gay venues, more risqué performances entertained the then-fringe LGBTIQ audience. But in 2019 it sometimes appears drag is taking over the world.

There may be a larger world-wide audience now for drag than for opera or ballet.

Certainly, neither of those once staple entertainments command the world-wide television audience of RuPaul’s Drag Race and other similar shows.

Then there’s the plethora of YouTube off-shoots, bootlegs and even, believe it or not, drag content completely unrelated to the RuPaul universe.

Drag shows now pop up in isolated country towns, drag kids cause media kerfuffles — it’s a whole new world.

What was once exotic is now almost commonplace.

Drag queen Cash Richy’s debut

Jack Ritchie is performing his first drag show as alter-ego Cash Richy during Out! at Carnivale Port Douglas party at the luxurious Port Douglas Oaks Resort on May 24.

We asked Jack how he came to drag and about having such a marvelous debut performance venue.

“I’m a huge Drag Race fan!

“I started drag in London where I lived in a queer share house type situation and a good Judy told me, ‘You ARE a drag queen!’

“I guess she was tired of me pinching her wigs and wanted me to get my own.”


(A “good Judy”, RuPaul tells us, is drag parlance for a best friend though the term was unknown to Aussie drag queens of yore who more commonly referred to best friends as ‘that old slag.’)

“I grew up watching 2000’s music videos; Britney, Destiny’s Child, Shakira etc. They’re probably my biggest inspo.

“I’m nervous and excited about my first show! I keep reminding myself to just enjoy myself and do what I do in the mirror at home every day.

“I’ve got my track on loop at all times pretty much and I’ve been looking at choreography videos on YouTube for ideas.

“I’m stoked at the fantastic opportunity to perform during Carnivale.

“Port Douglas is such a gorgeous place, it’s going to be magical!”

To find out more about Out! Cairns and the group’s events visit their Facebook page here.

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