Drag Queen ‘Angels’ Save Gay Man From Homophobic Attack

homophobic attack

The victim of a vicious homophobic attack who was saved by three “angel” drag queens is raising money to replace their wigs, nails and heels that were damaged in the brawl.

New Zealand man Ivan Flinn was out in the Sydney gay nightlife hub Darlinghurst earlier this month when he says a group of men began calling him a “f—-t” and a “queer c–t”.

“I said ‘Dude, don’t ever use the word f—-t and specially not on Oxford St of all places,'” Flinn told News Corp.

He alleges the men attacked him, injuring his jaw and tearing his shirt, before three “angels” stepped in to help him.

“I feel like if they weren’t there I would probably be dead. Thank God, angels do exist,” he said.

Those three “angels” were local drag queens Vybe, Coco Jumbo and Ivy Leaguee (pictured, left to right), who had just finished performing at a nearby venue.

“Everyone was silent but they reacted so quickly. The drag queens fought my fight for me, they are my heroes,” he said.

“Like Destiny’s Child they strutted in and saved me. Punches were flying. Hair was flicking. Nails were breaking. I was stunned on the footpath, thankful drag queens exist.”

17-08-21 Ivan Flinn

After the incident, Flinn started a crowdfunding page to replace the queens’ damaged wigs, nails and heels and raise awareness of homophobia. It’s raised more than $5310 so far – far more than his original goal of AU$1000.

The queens explained to News Corp they’d seen relatively few incidents in their years in the area but that night they did what had to be done.

“There are idiots everywhere but don’t come to our street and expect us to just take it,” Ivy Leaguee said.

“These big burly guys couldn’t even throw a punch, all they could do was pull hair and run.

“I may be gay, but I’m a man – and if you hit me, I’ll hit you back.”

Coco said she had one message for the homophobes: “Don’t mess with gay people. Let alone two men dressed as women. Silly boys.”

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